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Where Is The Best Location For Air Purifiers?

Installing air purifiers is one of the best ways to improve the air quality inside your home. These handy little systems eliminate contaminants from the air, preventing you from breathing in substances that could trigger allergies, discomfort and illness. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), harmful contaminants can get into your home via the outdoors, cooking, cleaning, secondhand smoke, building materials and even through your furniture. This small but amazing appliance…

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Top 6 Benefits of Installing a Google Nest Thermostat

Nest smart thermostat

The thermostat is one of the most oft-overlooked devices in the home, despite being one of the most important. It’s integral to your comfort, but most thermostats are difficult to program, have a narrow scope of functions, and honestly, they’re kind of ugly. Google Nest Thermostats change all of that by bringing a high-tech edge and unique style to what has traditionally been a very low-tech device.  And while the Nest brand…

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How to Safely Back Up Your Digital Photos

The holidays are right around the corner, which undoubtedly means spending time with the friends and family that you don’t often see, and taking plenty of photos of these special moments. And while it’s easier than ever to take and store lots of great photos, the nature of digital storage means that it’s just as easy to instantly lose those memories. A stolen computer or corrupted hard drive can wipe out an…

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Choosing a TV Wall Mount

Find the best TV wall mount and learn how to mount a TV yourself. Wall-mounting a TV is a great way to give your room a cleaner look, and can save floor space that would otherwise be taken up by a TV stand or credenza. It’s also a task that the average DIYer can accomplish in an afternoon—although those with extra large TVs or complicated wiring setups would be better off enlisting…

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Top 5 TVs for Next-Gen Gaming Consoles

With full details of the Xbox Series X & S and the PlayStation 5 now officially announced, it’s an exciting time to be a gamer. And with all of the cards on the table, eager gamers can start preparing for those next-gen consoles by making sure their entire setup fully supports these consoles’ advanced features. The first task? Making sure your TV is ready for next-gen gaming. We asked our TV expert…

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How to Set Up Your Own Backyard Movie Theater

Setting Up Your Own Outdoor Movie Theater A normal night at the movies hasn’t been possible for quite a while, which has been a bummer for ardent film fans and casual moviegoers alike. Some theaters have adapted by offering drive-in movies, marking a resurgence in a tradition that was nearly extinct. But even with the drive-in theater renaissance, it’s still a rare option. If you can’t find a drive-in theater nearby or…

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Home Appliances Spring Cleaning Checklist

Real signs of spring have finally arrived, and as you open up the windows and air the house out, you might feel compelled to do some serious spring cleaning. That is, if you haven’t already cleaned every nook of the house while sheltering in place. A good spring cleaning should involve most every surface of your home, from the corners of your bathroom to the walls of your kitchen. And if you’re…

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How to Use Your Canon Camera as a Webcam

An unprecedented amount of people are working from home today. And thanks to widespread broadband and affordable video-conferencing equipment, the transition hasn’t been too jarring for most. But it’s also caused major shortages in the supply of many requisite work-from-home tools, namely laptops and standalone webcams. As countless new teleworkers have discovered over the last month, being able to visually touch base with co-workers makes communication easier and more effective. And the…

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Do I Need a Soundbar for My TV?

So you’ve just unboxed and set up your new LED TV, fired up Netflix to put on an intense action blockbuster, hit “play,” and…now you’re underwhelmed. It probably looks great, but you might find the sound lacking. Because while the picture on modern 4K TVs is impressive, the audio quality on nearly all flat panel TVs will most likely underwhelm you—it’s just a matter of physics. A thin TV can only contain…

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How to Get Started With Streaming TV

There’s a good chance that you’ve found yourself stuck inside the house with nothing to do, and no one to do it with. So even if you’ve never been much of a TV watcher, you might be looking for ways to pass the time—especially if you’re dealing with gloomy weather that keeps you from at least enjoying a backyard or balcony. It’s times like these that we’re thankful for streaming media apps,…

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