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Smart Tech to Prepare Your Home for the Summer

Summer Tech Samsung The Freestyle Projector

Smart homes are the houses of the future thanks to their ease of operation. While relying on technology may seem scary to some people, it actually exists to make lives easier. Summertime is a season of relaxation, so why should you worry about doing everything on your own? Since you’ll be so busy with other activities, it’s okay to get a little help from smart devices to control certain aspects of your…

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Abt Exclusive Internet of Things

Preparing for Power Failures in the IoT-Reliant Future

IoT Power Outage Preparation from Abt

Today’s society is increasingly reliant on Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Our hospitals, power grids, and other essential services and infrastructure increasingly use connected devices for operations.  Similarly, a growing number of today’s homes feature “smart” technologies, ranging from baby monitors to thermostats. However, power failures could cause IoT devices to stop working. Here are some actionable strategies to plan for such outages and make them less disruptive. Keep IoT Security Tight…

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How Wider Access to 5G Could Revolutionize Consumer Electronics

5G network

The world is on the edge of a technological revolution, and 5G is leading the transformation. As these new networks become increasingly available, they’ll enable various other technologies to reach their full potential. Consumer electronics, in particular, could see tremendous changes with wider 5G access. Many early experiences with 5G have been unremarkable, and this is because these networks are still largely inaccessible. Millimeter-wave 5G networks, the most promising iteration, are few…

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5 Home Network Tips for Your Smart Tech

Smart technology can transform your home into a convenient and powerful space, where you can control your appliances and gadgets with a few taps of a screen. However, to reach that level, you’ll also need a robust home network. This network connects all your smart tech, giving it the power to operate at all times with strong signals. These five steps will help you achieve the best home network setup for your…

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Smart Kitchen Appliance Innovations from CES 2021

lg air sous vide range instaview ces

While CES has always been a place for TVs, smartphones, and other tech gadgets to shine, kitchen appliances also get their share of the spotlight. This is increasingly true as the lines between electronics and appliances blur, and the once simple products in your kitchen room continue to get smarter. After all, these days, it’s not hard to find a fridge that has the same capabilities as a high-end smartphone or tablet.…

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Sonos Speaker Lineup Explained

Sonos basically invented the networked wireless speaker, and in the decade since the PLAY:5 debuted, they’ve continued to evolve and expand their offerings. Today, Sonos offers a refined product selection that offers wireless audio solutions for mutli-room music, movies, and outdoor listening. They’ve been extra popular lately, as countless people are seeking ways to make home life a little more entertaining or add some pleasant tunes to a home office. If you’ve…

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How to Get Started With Streaming TV

There’s a good chance that you’ve found yourself stuck inside the house with nothing to do, and no one to do it with. So even if you’ve never been much of a TV watcher, you might be looking for ways to pass the time—especially if you’re dealing with gloomy weather that keeps you from at least enjoying a backyard or balcony. It’s times like these that we’re thankful for streaming media apps,…

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CES 2020: LG Opens The Door On New Smart Home Technology

LG Smart Door CES 2020

In 1989, ‘Back to the Future II’ introduced us to the world of tomorrow. Although, “tomorrow” meant 2015 back then. Here we are five years later in the real world and actual hoverboards, flying cars, and self-drying jackets still aren’t commercially available. However, at this year’s CES, LG has introduced us to some new technology that takes us one step closer to bringing the McFly’s Lyon Estates home to life (minus a…

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CES 2020: Asus Tinker Edge R and Edge T Single-Board Computers

asus tinker edge sbc

One of the great things about CES is that it offers something for just about everyone whose interests include electronics, from casual console gamers to seasoned industry engineers. You don’t necessarily need to be a gadget geek to enjoy it, though there are certainly plenty of opportunities to nerd out over electronic esoterica—stuff a little more complicated than a new mouse or monitor. In the Asus booth, that was the case with the…

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Protecting Your Home While on Vacation: The Ultimate Guide

Despite the fact that you’re (hopefully) headed somewhere where relaxation is the main activity, getting ready for vacation can be quite stressful. You need to solidify plans, line up care for the pets, make sure everything is packed and handle the arrangements for when you arrive at your destination. If you’re a savvy homeowner, getting the house ready for your trip should be at the top of your to-do list, too.  An…

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