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Sean Ryan

Abt Exclusive Video Games

Best Gifts for a Gamer

Video game controller on a screen beside the text gifts for the gamer

In search of the best gifts for a gamer in your life? The holiday season is approaching fast, and that means it’s time to get your gifts ready before they’re stolen off the shelves. This goes double for video game consoles and other gaming equipment. Constricted supply chains and high demand always leave shelves empty for the holiday…

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Abt Exclusive

Employee Spotlight! Carl Prouty

Carl Prouty standing in the video studio smiling

While Carl is no stranger to real-life spotlights, our on-camera YouTube and video host has rarely been formally recognized for all that he does for Abt. We think it’s time that Carl receives a little love from all of us. You might recognize him from the videos over on our YouTube Channel where he dives into product reviews,…

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Abt Exclusive

Employee Spotlight! Maria Hernandez

Maria Hernandez in the Inspiration Studio

We’re so excited to acknowledge another one of Abt’s hardest-working employees, Maria Hernandez! Many employees and customers alike will recognize Maria’s kind face from all over the store. In her time here at Abt she’s shared many different duties, from greeting customers to making sure the store runs in an orderly fashion to assisting anywhere she can. Whenever…

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