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Father’s Day Recipes! Loaded Potato Salad & Pimento Cheese Sliders

Abt's Tim Hendricks mixes potato salad while Chef Susan from BlueStar watches.

There’s something about Father’s Day that just calls out for beautiful, hearty summertime recipes. Be it the weather, the love of the father figure in your life or finally having kids home for the season, the holiday is one worth celebrating. That’s why we’re showing off some of BlueStar Chef Susan’s Father’s Day recipes. Both are perfect for outdoor gatherings and cooking out on the grill, but they’re just as easily made…

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Abt Exclusive Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight! Patty Bannos

Patty Bannos sits in an Aireloom bed smiling at the camera. Text reads "Employee Spotlight, Patty Bannos".

There are so many reasons to love May, from Mother’s Day to warming weather to the start of summer vacation. Here at Abt, we’re excited to showcase May’s Employee Spotlight, Patty Bannos. And we couldn’t have picked a better person to represent the Mother’s Day spirit. Patty can be found in our mattress department, and Patty’s son Andrew has been working here at Abt for a couple of years, as well. That…

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Meet The Google Pixel Fold

Two Google Pixel Fold phones flipping open

Foldable phones have been pretty popular lately, like the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip. At least, popular among the technological push for foldable screens. Folding screens have been a tech race for a while, like with LG’s rolling screens. A new competitor was just announced at this month’s Google I/O conference: The Google Pixel Fold. With just how thin it is compared to its competitors, this smartphone showcases just how powerful…

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Ooni Pizza Recipes: Barbecue Chicken & Nutella Pear

Adding Ooni Pizza to Oven on a pizza peel outdoors

There’s nothing better than pizza, except ones made with Ooni pizza ovens. The brand has perfected ovens that can use different kinds of fuels, all of which create the perfect Neapolitan crust. With that being said, new Ooni pizza oven owners get their hands on one of these and immediately make the classic cheesy version, or move towards Margherita recipes. But why not mix it up with more exciting recipes crafted by…

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Abt Exclusive Cooking

Mother’s Day Brunch Menu With Bluestar!

Chef Susan measures ingredients while Abt's HR Lead Becky helps in the Abt BlueStar kitchen

Mother’s Day is almost upon us, and one of the best gifts you can give your mother, grandmother, wife or the mother figure in your life is a beautiful brunch to kick off the day. At the same time, many people develop a love of cooking from their mothers and grandmothers. That’s why our friends at BlueStar have crafted a beautiful Mother’s Day Brunch Menu designed to combine the best of sweet…

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New & Now: Dual Fuel Range from BlueStar!

BlueStar Dual Fuel range in a kitchen with matching navy refrigerators.

The long-awaited BlueStar dual fuel range has finally been released! The latest creation by the brand’s engineers brings all the best of both electric and gas-powered cooking technologies to one appliance. And with it comes a revolution for both the gas burners on top and the electric-fueled oven within. Read on to learn all about how the new dual fuel range from BlueStar goes up against the competition…and wins.  Gas-Fueled X-8 Sealed…

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Abt Exclusive

Cooking With Darryl Comes To Abt!

Image of grill grates and burgers. Text reads Cooking with Daryl comes to Abt on 4/20 11am to 3 pm.

TikTok famous dad Darryl Postelnick (from the eponymous @CookingWith_Darryl) is coming to Abt! We’re excited to be hosting Cooking With Darryl, this Algonquin-father-turned-famous-TikTok-star on Saturday, May 20th, during our Weber Grill Demo! You can see him between 11 am and 3 pm as part of our summer grill demo lineup.  Darryl started his recipe-making role as Cooking With Darryl in 2020 when his daughter asked him to make a video together. Now,…

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A Mediterranean Meal Tray From BlueStar

Chef Susan Mixes Her Mediterranean ingredients, placing them on the tray.

BlueStar Chef Susan has brought her culinary talents to the Abt showroom again! We loved last session’s collection of pork potstickers and yakisoba, but this week’s recipe is a quick, one-pan dish that’s easy to make for a weeknight dinner. This Mediterranean meal is a protein-packed power punch, and it tastes great too. Check out some of our tips below to see the best ways to make your own. And don’t forget…

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Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight! Ted Scott In The Recycling Center

Employee Spotlight April 2023 Ted Scott In Recycling Dumpster

In case you missed it, Earth Day was over the weekend! At Abt, we celebrate Earth Day every day with help from our Recycling Center and everyone who works there. This month’s Employee Spotlight is shining on Ted Scott, a veteran employee and former big trucks driver who helped show our team around our new and improved Recycling Center.   If you saw our Recycling Stats post, you may have noted some of…

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Abt Exclusive News

Abt Takes Gold in Consumer Reports Appliances Article

Consumer Reports names Abt Electronics the Top Place to Buy Large Appliances

We’re excited to be featured in a Consumer Reports appliance article yet again as the top place to buy large appliances, beating out both big box stores and other notable family-owned establishments. Abt took home the gold with 93 out of 100 points. Our top scores rank in areas like service, home delivery and installation. In fact, we were over ten points beyond the second-place establishment. You can read more of the…

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