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Denon HEOS Wireless Speakers Compared

It’s safe to say that we are firmly in the golden era of wireless audio products. Not long ago, most portable speakers were dismissed as toys, and not something capable of any serious listening. But that sentiment has changed, as many of the most respected names in the audio industry have released portable wireless speakers that meet the…

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Learning Center TVs & Electronics Videos

How to Rescan Your HDTV

In the great digital television transition of 2009, all broadcast television signals in the US shifted from analog to digital, to free up bandwidth and improve overall viewing quality. You may remember needing to purchase a set-top tuner and learning a new set of channel numbers. Due to some shuffling of the current digital spectrum, many of the…

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Abt Exclusive

Chat With Us!

customer service rep sitting at desk and wearing headset

Part of what makes Abt such a great place to shop is our commitment to customer service, from helping you pick out the perfect product to offering free post-purchase tech support. In fact, our service is one of the main reasons that the world’s favorite consumer magazine has chosen us as a top place to buy appliances, nine…

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Abt Halloween Party 2019

Abt Electronics Halloween Party Information

It’s spooky season, and we’re gearing up for one of our most fun in-store events of the year: the annual Abt Halloween Party. As in year’s past, we’ll be celebrating with trick-or-treating throughout the store, and our digital photo booth will be set up to capture pics of everyone’s costumes. The event is totally free, but please RSVP…

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Learning Center Videos

How to Choose an Audio Receiver

graphic of Abt logo and audio receiver

Whether you’re looking to build a full-scale home theater with the most immersive surround sound system, or just want a basic stereo system to listen to music, the one piece of equipment you’re absolutely going to need is an audio receiver. The receiver is the brains of any audio system, bridging the gap between your input devices and…

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Lego Race Day

lego race day event banner

This month, we’re hosting a special event that’s just for kids! Guests age 12 and under are invited to Lego Race Day, where they will build a Lego race car and compete in races with it. Think “Pinewood Derby” meets Lego blocks. The top racers will win some great prizes, but everyone will walk away with some goodies.…

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Learning Center

The Best Type of Mattress for Side Sleepers

Nearly half of all sleepers snooze on their sides, and there are many great mattresses designed just for this sleep position. Memory foam and hybrid mattresses are the best types of mattresses for side sleepers. Choose a medium firmness with an adjustable base. Innerspring mattresses have some great benefits, but they are generally not the best option for…

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Audio News

New Bowers & Wilkins Headphones Announced

It’s been just about two years since Bowers & Wilkins released the stellar PX wireless headphones, and even longer since the other models in the P lineup first hit the market. In that time, the company has revamped many of their most popular bookshelf and floorstanding speakers, and released their acclaimed Formation system—the industry’s first true audiophile-quality wireless…

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TVs & Electronics Videos

The Best Small TV You Can Buy

 It’s no secret that we love big TVs. It’s rare to ever hear us say anything like “you should get a smaller television,” but we recognize that there are many cases where you just simply cannot accommodate a 55-inch screen, or even a 40-inch. Perhaps you want to put a TV in your kitchen, office, or other cramped…

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Audio Events

The Abt Audio Innovation Event Returns

speakers and audio equipment announcing abt audio event

When it comes to shopping for audio products, the proof is in the performance. Video reviews and forum advice might help you narrow down your target gear, but there’s no substitute for being able to demo an  A/V receiver or set of speakers before you buy them. It’s even better if you can do it in a space…

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