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Come Join The Abt Family!

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Searching for new employment opportunities in the Chicagoland area? If you enjoy working with people, thrive in situations where you’re trusted to make your own decisions, and look forward to every day holding something different, you could be a great fit at Abt. We are currently hiring for a variety of positions throughout our business, with immediate need…

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Streaming Lollapalooza 2020 From Home

Get the most out of your at-home Lollapalooza experience  It’s not news that many of the things we love most about summer have been temporarily put on hold, if not outright cancelled. Going out for dinner and a drink, catching a movie, and attending a concert have suddenly become nearly impossible. Most entertainment industries were able to pivot,…

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News Videos

Our YouTube Channel Turns 100,000!

It seems like only yesterday that the Abt YouTube channel was a fledgling account, with just a handful of subscribers and celebrating our one-millionth view. From that milestone on, our video team set their sites on the next big goal: 100,000 subscribers. After years of hard work, crafting hundreds of videos of TV reviews, buying guides, and product…

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Abt Exclusive

The Top TVs of 2020: Abt’s Picks

2020 is the year that we all got to be very good friends with our TVs. Whether it was binge-watching The Office for the Nth time or enjoying the innovative option of viewing a first-run Hollywood blockbuster in our basements, we’ve all spent excessive time in front of the tube. And for many of you, this newfound relationship…

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Abt Exclusive

Happy Retirement to Terry, Bern, Wayne, and Debby

Today we wished a fond farewell to four very special long-time employees: Terry, Bern, Wayne, and Debby. Together, this group has over 150 total years of experience at Abt. They have worked in just about every department that’s ever existed, each contributing something special. In 2017, we honored Terry on his 50th anniversary at Abt. He started as…

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Video Games Videos

JBL Quantum Gaming Headsets Compared

If you’re one of the many people who picked up video gaming over the last few months, you might find yourself hooked on this new hobby, already on the lookout for additional accessories to improve the gaming experience. Video game gear runs the gamut from specialized chairs to customizable gaming controllers—it’s a nearly limitless industry that you could…

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News Video Games

PlayStation 5 Finally Revealed

sony playstation 5

The PlayStation 5 is here. Well, sort of. In today’s PS5 event, Sony gave the world its first official look at the upcoming next-generation video game console—and it was quite a look. It’s safe to say that the PlayStation 5 looks like no other gaming console has before. After the reveal of the PS5’s white DualSense Controller earlier…

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Audio Fitness

Gear Up for Your Next Run

Today is Global Running Day! Running is a great way to get in a cardiovascular workout, and get away from the stresses of the daily grind. Best of all, you can do it just about anywhere, without forking over any monthly membership fees and needing nothing more than a pair of decent shoes. Of course, like many hobbies,…

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