Meet our Spring 2021 Star Employees

Abt Star Employees

To say that the last twelve months have been challenging would be way beyond an understatement. From persistent inventory issues to reduced shopper capacity and virtual work arrangements, there has been no shortage of obstacles for the retail industry. Yet through it all, we were able to have a successful year, thanks mostly to our dedicated staff. They’ve adapted to the challenges without compromising what makes Abt great. And among those 1600 employees, there are those who go even further beyond what is ever normally expected of them. Those are the Abt Star Employees.

Twice every year, we acknowledge four employees who rise above and beyond in all aspects of their job. They are the best of the best, the ones who are always there with a helping hand and a smile. The Abt Star Employees are the ones who best represent what it means to be part of “the Abt Family.” Some have been here for thirty years, some for three. And you’ll find them in all departments, with all sorts of backgrounds. Please help us congratulate the Spring 2021 Abt Star Employees: Paul, Ruby, Wong, and Perry.

Abt Star employees
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