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Sony X90J 4K TV—One of the Best Midrange TVs Gets Even Better

sony x90 J overview title card

Spring means different things to different people. For some it marks the arrival of baseball season or the chance to finally sleep with the windows open. But for us A/V geeks, it brings something much more exciting: new model year TVs begin hitting the shelves. We just received our first shipment of the new Sony X90J 4K LED TV—part of the new Sony Bravia XR TV lineup and one of the year’s…

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Home Tips

Helpful Products to Make Spring Cleaning Easier

The end of winter brings one of the great annual rituals of adulthood: spring cleaning. And that ritual is extra relevant this year, as we contend with additional pandemic-related cleaning protocols and deal with the excess clutter that undoubtedly built up over the last year of self-isolation. But we’ve never been ones to shy away from a challenge, and neither should you. With the proper spring cleaning products, your home will be…

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News TVs & Electronics Videos

Sony A90J OLED TV Unboxing and First Impressions

The Sony A90J OLED TV is one of the most highly-anticipated TVs of 2021, and it’s finally arrived at Abt. In any other year, we would have been able to get some hands-on experience with upcoming TVs at the Consumer Electronics Show. But since the convention was held virtually this year, the best we could do was watch a press conference video and give you a quick rundown of the Sony A90J…

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Abt Exclusive Contests TVs & Electronics

The Abt Bracket Challenge is Back

abt NCAA bracket challenge

The NCAA college basketball tournament was one of the first major events to be cancelled in 2020. It was the first time the weeks-long event had not been held in its 40-year history. But the tournament returns this year, and that means that the Abt Bracket Challenge is back as well. This year, we’ve got some of the best prizes yet, including the newest LG OLED TVs for the top two finishers. …

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Meet our Spring 2021 Star Employees

Abt Star Employees

To say that the last twelve months have been challenging would be way beyond an understatement. From persistent inventory issues to reduced shopper capacity and virtual work arrangements, there has been no shortage of obstacles for the retail industry. Yet through it all, we were able to have a successful year, thanks mostly to our dedicated staff. They’ve adapted to the challenges without compromising what makes Abt great. And among those 1600…

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The New Sonos Roam Portable Speaker

The new Sonos Roam finally solves one of the most common quibbles about the brand’s product offerings: true portability. Sonos has long been the industry leader in wireless audio, a market segment they essentially created. But while their entire product lineup has always been “wireless,” they were never truly wireless. Sonos did revolutionize the industry by more or less ushering in the wireless audio era, but their speakers were still always constrained…

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How to Choose New Car Speakers and Subwoofers

Cruising weather is almost here, and that’s as good a reason as any to give your car audio system a revamp. Whether you’ve got a cross-country road trip planned for the summer or just enjoy driving on warm nights with the windows down and the music up, time spent in a car is always better with a great stereo system. If the stock stereo in your car leaves you underwhelmed, new car…

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Abt Exclusive Audio

Klipsch Forte IV Speakers: Now Available

When it comes to building a dream home audio system, people usually tend towards one of two camps: finding the most high-zoot modern equipment filled with new tech, or opting for a completely vintage setup. Top of the line equipment from yesteryear is often praised for the unique character it possesses not just in sound quality, but in visual design and physical construction, and to many it’s worth the trade-off in modern…

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Audio Videos

Bose Smart Soundbar 300 vs. Bose TV Speaker

If you’ve purchased a new TV any time in the last decade, you probably experienced a pair of conflicting reactions: amazement at the stunning picture quality, and disappointment from the sound coming out of the speakers. It’s no secret that the sound quality on most modern TVs is often quite disappointing, especially for demanding uses like watching a blockbuster action movie. One of the easiest ways to upgrade the underwhelming sound quality…

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Home Theater Home Tips

Get Ready for the Big Game

table of football party foods including a bowl of popcorn

After another disappointing season for our home team and an overall weird year for professional football, it’s nearly time for the Big Game. And while this year the party won’t include as many people as in years past, that doesn’t mean you can’t still go big with it. From your TV setup to the perfect spread of snacks, there are some important things to address before you settle into the couch this…

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