How to Choose New Car Speakers and Subwoofers

Cruising weather is almost here, and that’s as good a reason as any to give your car audio system a revamp. Whether you’ve got a cross-country road trip planned for the summer or just enjoy driving on warm nights with the windows down and the music up, time spent in a car is always better with a great stereo system. If the stock stereo in your car leaves you underwhelmed, new car stereo speakers can make a huge difference. 

While the best car speakers can cost a pretty penny, most reasonable models are quite affordable. Because there’s no cabinet, car speakers generally cost less than a home speaker of equivalent quality. A few hundred dollars can go a long way towards improving the sound in your car. And if you’re handy with some basic tools, installing car speakers can be a quick DIY job. Of course, if you’re local to our Chicagoland showroom, our mobile audio installation department can handle all of your installation needs. 

With several common sizes and numerous other options, picking out new car speakers can be intimidating. But having a bit of basic knowledge can make your shopping much easier.

If you’re shopping for your first pair of new car speakers, the amount of available options can be overwhelming. But with just a bit of basic information about your car, choosing new speakers will be much easier. Visit the mobile audio part finder on to find what fits your vehicle, and check out our new video to learn more about buying car speakers:

In addition to some good speakers, a well-rounded audio system—whether in your home or in your car—needs the deep bass that can only come from a subwoofer. However, when most people hear the words “car subwoofer,” their thoughts probably turn to visions of . But installing a subwoofer in your car doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck with rattling windows and bass that makes your ears bleed. When properly installed and used moderately, a car subwoofer will give your music proper depth and the little bit of oomph needed to take it from good to great. If you’re serious about sound, a dedicated car subwoofer is a must-have.

And it doesn’t have to involve a complicated installation. While hardcore bassheads may fill their trunks with custom-fabricated subwoofer boxes that hold multiple drivers and can make your heart skip a beat from a hundred yards away, there are also plenty of plug-and-play options. A modest subwoofer in a modular enclosure can often fit under a rear seat or slot, add just enough kick to your car radio, and easily be removed when you absolutely need the space.

A compact car subwoofer in its own enclosure is a great way to add bass to your car stereo system without requiring any custom fabrication.

Just as with speakers, there’s a lot to know when it comes to car subwoofers. The following video will give you the basics on choosing a car subwoofer.

And once again, if you have any questions about car speakers or subwoofers that weren’t answered in these videos, we’d be glad to answer them. Reach out to our car audio department via phone or email, or leave your question in a comment below and we’ll get our experts on the case.

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