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An All-New LG OLED Monitor: The LG OLED FLEX

3 LG Flex Monitors in different curved positions with colorful images

While curved screens are nothing new to the modern market and have truly taken off with gamers, it’s LG’s OLED technology has allowed them to spearhead truly flexible screens. They even teased a rollable screen back at CES 2021. Now they’re expanding their product lines with a new technology: an LG OLED monitor that can curve inward and outward. The LG OLED Flex does more than sit in one curved position. It…

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Tablet vs. Laptop: Which is Right For You?

white tablet on a desk with a notepad and black pen next to it

For most students, the school year has begun. With that, you may be looking for new devices for relaxing between classes or doing homework easier. Having the right tech at your fingertips enables you to do your best work possible for better grades, more efficiency and less stress. Tablet vs. laptop, which is best for you? Depending on your classes and your lifestyle, one of these devices may be better for you…

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Best Laptops for School and College

Silver laptop with yellow text on the screen that reads "best laptops for school"

When we talk about the best laptops for school or college, there’s a lot to consider. If you’re planning on taking all your class notes on your computer, then portability will be a priority; after all, no one wants to break their back lugging around a ten-ton computer to every class. On the other hand, maybe you plan to take your laptop on overnight trips with your sports team or a school…

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Optimizing Your Flexible Work Setup

WFH Hybrid with Help from Abt

1. Establish Peace and Privacy More than half of those working from home say that social media and smartphones affected their productivity during lockdowns. Others cited binge-watching, kids, pets, partners and gaming as their biggest distractions. Regardless of which situations and scenarios divert their attention, most could avoid unnecessary interruptions by simply establishing a place of peace and privacy at home. Whether it be the dining room table, the spare bedroom or…

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Abt Exclusive CES CES 2022 Computers

CES 2022: The Asus Zenbook 17 Fold OLED


While curved screens and monitors aren’t new to the market, Asus shook up the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show with a switched-up version of their classic Zenbook. Unlike the competition, this model sports a screen that does more than curve or roll. It completely folds in half, giving a new look to transforming laptops. Tablets that sport attachable keyboards have been a staple of the tech industry for nearly a decade. But it’s…

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Gifts for the Student

Gifts for the student at Abt

The arrival of Thanksgiving and even steeper drops in temperature signal only one thing: that the holiday season is finally here. It’s time to gather together with family and friends and celebrate the many blessings we experience each day. With that in mind, we’ve created our final guide to help parents, friends and family in need find student gifts for their loved ones. Whether your special scholar is home from university for…

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Apple Announces New iPhone, iPad & More at September 2021 Event

Apple Event September 2021

Today a slew of new Apple products were unveiled in the 2021 Apple Event, Apple Keynote. Apple CEO Tim Cook led the keynote presentation which introduced tons of new content for Apple TV+ as well as the next generations of Apple Watch, iPad and iPhone. If you missed the event, we’ve compiled a handy recap that summarizes the biggest announcements and new features from the hourlong event. Introducing an All New iPad…

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How to Safely Back Up Your Digital Photos

The holidays are right around the corner, which undoubtedly means spending time with the friends and family that you don’t often see, and taking plenty of photos of these special moments. And while it’s easier than ever to take and store lots of great photos, the nature of digital storage means that it’s just as easy to instantly lose those memories. A stolen computer or corrupted hard drive can wipe out an…

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Back to School Tools: Virtual Edition

For many students, the fall semester is quickly approaching. However, going back to school in the fall will be different for most students. Due to COVID-19, universities are going completely remote or taking a hybrid approach to learning—combining in-person lectures with online learning. Rather than buying folders and notebooks, most students will be in need of new electronics in order to succeed in this novel online learning environment. Here’s a list of…

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Choosing an Apple MacBook

There are plenty of good reasons why MacBooks are so popular with millions of users around the world, from students to working professionals alike. With an operating system that seamlessly integrates every device in the Apple ecosystem, many users cite ease of use as the main reason they chose a MacBook. Others are swayed by the brand’s track record of releasing patches and updates quicker than many Windows PC brands can—though Macs…

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