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Owning a home opens up a world of freedom, especially for the DIYer. Renovating a kitchen to make it exactly fit your needs, or building out your dream home theater  are often top goals for a new homeowner. But with that freedom comes the potential for nearly endless problems and projects. Thankfully, it’s never been easier to solve problems yourself than it is today, because there’s helpful  information everywhere. Our Tips and How-To Guides are all crafted to help you identify, troubleshoot, and solve common issues that arise with your electronics, appliances, and other things around the home. How can I make my home more eco-friendly? What’s the difference between a front-loading washing machine and a top-loading one? These are just a few of the many questions you may find yourself asking at some point in your home-owning life. 

Of course, the DIY lifestyle doesn’t just apply to homeowners, and doesn’t have to involve major projects. Many renters will find themselves dealing with issues that can be easily solved with a little elbow grease, and that aren’t the responsibility of a property manager—things like learning the best way to clean a microwave or how to prevent ice buildup in a freezer. Want to learn how to set up a subwoofer or your new flat screen TV? We can help with all of these things. Click through to read through our library of tips and how-tos, and even if you’re not looking for any particular bit of help, you might learn something new.

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