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Top 6 Benefits of Installing a Google Nest Thermostat

Nest smart thermostat

The thermostat is one of the most oft-overlooked devices in the home, despite being one of the most important. It’s integral to your comfort, but most thermostats are difficult to program, have a narrow scope of functions, and honestly, they’re kind of ugly. Google Nest Thermostats change all of that by bringing a high-tech edge and unique style to what has traditionally been a very low-tech device. 

And while the Nest brand name has been around for a better part of a decade, and offers quite a few benefits, many homeowners are unaware of its potential. After all, the thermostat is the home’s most boring device—how much good can a smart thermostat do? The answer is “quite a lot.” Here are the top 6 benefits of installing a Google Nest Thermostat.

Nest smart thermostat

Auto Learning:

The heart of the Google Nest Thermostat (and any Google Nest device, for that matter) is its smart functionality. With a traditional programmable thermostat, you set the desired temperature and your HVAC system will never stray from that assignment. But as a smart thermostat, your Nest is capable of learning your climate preferences and heating and cooling habits. It will then either give you a suggested adjustment schedule, or simply begin making those adjustments itself. 

After a week of use, your Nest Thermostat will know what temperature you like it when you wake up, or when you’re hanging around on a Friday night. It will learn to turn the A/C down when you leave for work in the morning, so you’re not needlessly cooling an empty space the entire day—but still have the temperature comfortable when you get home.

Remote Comfort Control

Because it is a wi-fi connected device, you can control your Nest Thermostat from anywhere you have access to the internet. You’ll never have to worry about needing to adjust the temperature in your home while you’re away. Maybe there’s a surprise cold spell during your holiday vacation, and you want your home to be comfortable for your dog sitter. With the Google Nest app, you can turn up the heat at home while you’re lounging on the beach in Miami.

Nest thermostat mobile app

Google Home and Amazon Alexa Integration

In addition to using the mobile app, you can also control your Nest Thermostat with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa voice commands. Once your nest is connected to the digital assistant of your choice, adjusting your heat or air conditioning  is as simple as saying something like “Hey Alexa” or “Okay Google, raise the temperature 2 degrees.” Thanks to the widespread integration of smart home products, you can give those commands to a dedicated voice assistant speaker, your connected laptop, and even your smart TV.

Easy to Manually Adjust

The idea of giving total control to a computer program can intimidate many users, but you don’t need to worry about becoming a slave to sentient thermostat. Because although the Nest Learning Thermostat can function totally autonomously, it also still offers easy-to-use manual controls. A simple tap of the touchscreen and a turn of the bezel lets you easily adjust the temperature up or down.

Adjusting a Nest thermostat

It Saves You Energy

Not only are these smart functions convenient, they add up to one very tangible benefit: saving you money. By only heating or cooling your home when you absolutely need it, you’ll eliminate small bits of wasted endergy. And that’s great not just for the environment, but your energy bills as well. When you add up all the small reductions in energy usage, switching to a Nest Thermostat can save an estimated $131 to $145 each year. That means a Nest can pay for itself in just a year or two.

Nest will also send you monthly energy reports that summarize your energy usage and gives you suggestions on how to reduce your energy costs

Energy history report from Nest thermostat app

Easy to Install

All of these high-tech advancements must mean that the Nest is super complicated to install, right? Nope. Installing a Nest Thermostat is a fairly simple job that you can have done in less than an hour. It doesn’t require any tools or infrastructure different from a normal thermostat—just reconnect the same wires that your old thermostat used.

Of course, if you’re not much of a DIYer, we would recommend leaving the job to professional installers like those from the Abt HVAC department

It Looks Great

Say goodbye to the boring plastic box with a hard-to-read LCD display. Because beyond all the high-tech magic, users tend to really appreciate one simple aspect of their Nest Thermostat: it looks great! The glossy, full-color display and swappable metallic control rings of the flagship Nest Thermostat add a stylish touch without looking out of place on your wall. And the frosted white screen of the more affordable Nest Thermostat E easily blends in with any decor. Plus, the large displays on both Nest Thermostats are easy to see from even across a room.

Nest Thermostat on wall

The benefits of a smart thermostat are hard to ignore. For just a small cost increase compared to a traditional thermostat, you’ll get a much more convenient and easy-to-use HVAC control system. And you’ll save some money in the long run. There’s really no good reason not to upgrade to a Nest Thermostat. 

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