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Do I Need a Soundbar for My TV?

So you’ve just unboxed and set up your new LED TV, fired up Netflix to put on an intense action blockbuster, hit “play,” and…now you’re underwhelmed. It probably looks great, but you might find the sound lacking. Because while the picture on modern 4K TVs is impressive, the audio quality on nearly all flat panel TVs will most likely underwhelm you—it’s just a matter of physics. A thin TV can only contain a thin speaker, and a thin speaker can only move so much air, which is the basic principle of how sound is created. There have been some advancements in recent years, but for the most part, the sound from a modern TV will only ever be acceptable at best. So, what is a new TV owner to do, especially if they might be on budget? This is where soundbars come into the picture.

A soundbar is a simple way to add better audio to your TV without requiring much tech know-how or a large budget. It’s a good alternative to a complex surround sound system for those that don’t have the funds or technical knowledge for a full-blown home theater setup. Check out our video below, where Carl responds to one of our most common questions: “Do I need a soundbar?”

One of the major draws of a soundbar is how easy it is to set up. In most cases, it’s as simple as connecting a single cable to your TV. Depending on what inputs your TV and soundbar have, you’ll connect it with either an optical cable or an HDMI cable. Not sure which scenario applies to you? We’ve got you covered, with a couple of quick videos to illustrate just how simple it is to connect a soundbar to your TV with either cable type. If you’re still having some difficulties with connecting your soundbar to your TV, remember that we’re always here with free tech support, and we’d be glad to help walk you through the process. Just give us a call at 800-814-8196 to get connected to our tech support.

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