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2012 TVS Usher In A New Age Of Home Entertainment and Gaming

Yeah, it’s kind of like this

As the new Samsung, Toshiba, and LG televisions roll onto the sales floor at Abt, we can’t help but notice some of the amazingly innovative features that remind us why we love this industry. TVs feature tons of Smart Content that streams effortlessly straight into your brain that is controlled by waving your hand, your of voice or through one of their smart remotes. One feature that stood out to me was LG’s new Dual Play Gaming mode, as seen on the 6200 series.

Kids these days, with their online multiplayer, may not even know what split-screen gaming is even about but, us seasoned-veterans remember going head-to-head in Goldeneye or Mario Kart on a single TV divided in half (or fighting over who gets the big screen when the that third-wheel friend decides he wants in). LG heard our cries for reigniting to the fun of couch competition and delivered to us a unique feature that puts those screen watching cheaters in their place. LG’s 2012 TV’s Dual Play mode lets players who activate the mode and wear the dual-play glasses to see completely mutually exclusive, full-size screens.

Imagine that, two players on a single TV, yet competing on their own screens. Not only does this end the cheating that came along with split screen gaming (even if you won’t admit it, you still did it) and brings the joy of couch-competition back into our homes. So put on some pants, put a pizza in the oven and invite your friends over for a night of spirited competition.

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