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Google Glasses: Ugly friend or ugly foe? Either way they are still ugly.

Google's new augmented reality glasses posted today about the potential upcoming release of Google’s new augmented reality glasses. Basically, from what we’ve gathered from the video (below) is that the glasses have all the functions of a smart phone but are displayed directly to your line of sight and can be navigated and commanded using your voice. If you can look passed the obnoxiously geeky design, you can see some potential positives from these bad boys.

Google's new augmented reality glasses

Those who brave the inevitable harassment this style will bring on will be able to text message, check the weather, video chat, receive directions and interact with social media using their voice. The video even shows the glasses taking and sharing pictures. The big drawback (besides people laughing at your ridiculous looks) is the potential for the pesky Google Ads to make their way into your augmented world. Will we walk by a place and business and get distracting pop-ups asking us to come try out their new falafel? Or will Google track everything we see? Hopefully, we will see some application integration like discovering new Groupons or directions to the Girls Around Me. Could we even see Google Contact Lenses?

Whatever you think, this is a pretty cool thing and seems to be pulled right out of science fiction. Would you wear these? Let us know what you think!

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