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Which Ooni Pizza Oven Is Best?

A lineup of Ooni Ovens

Pizza ovens are having a moment in the spotlight this summer, and one of the most beloved brands is Ooni. And rightfully so—they have lots of popular backyard pizza ovens. Instead of building a brick oven or spending thousands of dollars on a premium model, pie lovers can choose an Ooni that creates that same Neapolitan crust. Indoor ovens simply can’t reach the high temperatures that Ooni can. That being said, they do have quite a few models. Buyers have to ask the question, “Which Ooni pizza oven is best for me?” Our experts help answer below with our deep dive into their popular collection.

Ooni Karu: 16, 12G and 12

Which Ooni pizza oven is best for you? If you’re all about flavorful fuel and flexibility, the answer is likely the Ooni Karu. The Karu is one of the brand’s most versatile and popular models. This pick can run on classic wood, charcoal and even gas. The Karu comes in three different models that can make sharable or personal-sized pizzas depending on the oven size. Families or entertainers hoping for sharable slices would probably prefer the 16″ model, which features a chimney, a glass-like door, a very visible thermometer and a sleek look.

Ooni Karu 16 and 12 cooking pizzas outside

Those hoping for a more budget-friendly model might prefer the 12″ Karu 12G or 12. If you’re looking at the 12 and 12G ovens and are wondering which Ooni pizza oven is best, we’ll break it down. The Karu 12G is just a smaller version of the Karu 16, with some of the same benefits: a glass-like door, a refined design, and a built-in thermometer. Meanwhile, the shining metal Karu 12 oven has a more portable design and a very budget-friendly price. It does lack that thermometer and glass-like door cover its sibling has, but at $300, it’s the least expensive oven you’re likely to find.

Ooni Koda: 16 and 12

Another way to cut costs without cutting corners is with the Ooni Koda. If you’re wondering which Ooni pizza oven is best, this pick is perfect for cooking with gas. The L-shaped gas burner on both models requires that users turn pizzas as they cook. Unlike the Karu, this one lacks a chimney, meaning you can’t cook with wood or charcoal. Instead, you get the convenience of firing up pizzas with just the turn of a knob and some gas. 

Ooni Koda with a pizza coming out of it

Just like the Karu, the Koda comes in two sizes, the 16″ and the 12″. This time, the design is fairly similar between the two. However, the Koda 16 can use both liquid propane and natural gas to cook (with the help of an adapter) while the Koda 12 only uses liquid propane. Ignition is easy, pizza cooks in seconds, and all you have to do is give it a turn with a pizza peel. With all that taken into account, these two ovens are for those looking for the easiest way to make a recipe. They’re the most portable, too, with a foldable design and no chimney to wrestle with.    

Ooni Fyra

The Ooni Fyra is a product all its own thanks to its unique fuel: wood pellets. If you already love wood pellet grilling, the Fyra is right for you. While wood pellet grillers will pick this one, others may still not know which Ooni pizza oven is the best. 

Ooni Fyra with a Pizza coming out of it

Wood pellets are easier to use than classic hardwood, and burn hot for a perfectly-cooked pizza. Once your hopper is full and that fire is rolling, a truly wood-fired pie should be cooked in just about a minute. Flavor lovers will have fun matching different wood pellets with the foods they’re going to create, too, like apple wood pellets with barbecue chicken pizza. Explore flavor combinations with the searing heat in an oven that’s ultra-portable.    

Ooni Volt

The latest in the brand’s collection of ovens is the Volt. This all-electric appliance performs just as well as its fire-fueled family members, with temps that go as high as 850 degrees Fahrenheit. This pie cooker is easy to control, too, with dials that adjust the top and bottom heating elements for a cook that’s absolutely perfect. A 13-inch cooking space makes it easy to make pizzas in under two minutes, too. Meanwhile, the Boost function kicks the power back up in between bakes so that you’ve got high temperatures at all times. With the ability to work both indoors and outdoors, the Volt can go anywhere you do.

The Ooni Volt on a countertop with a pizza coming out

Of course, sticklers might say that it’s not true pizza since it’s not cooked by fire—but they haven’t tried the Volt’s pizzas yet. This is the perfect pick for those who aren’t able to grill outdoors, like apartment dwellers. And since there’s no ash to clean up, it’s a clean job every time. 

So? Which One Is Best?

There’s not a bad one among these cookers: each is a strong cooker and can churn out beautiful pizzas faster than you can imagine them. That being said, they all have their strengths, and they often lie in their fuel. The Ooni Karu is perfect for those who love infusing their food with smoky tastes and like trying out different fuel types. The Koda is designed for those hoping for a quick, gas-fueled pizza night. Meanwhile, the Fyra is precisely for infusing recipes with flavorful wood pellets. Finally, the Volt is made for versatile electric cooking and those who need to cook either inside or outside.

For some, budget might be the most important factor. If that’s the case, the Ooni Karu 12 and Fyra are likely your best bet for savings. For others, you want the largest pies possible, like from the Koda 16 or Karu 16. No matter which one you pick, it’s hard to choose wrong. If it’s all about speed and ease, choose the Volt or the Koda. These heat up easily and are easy to turn on with just a switch.

All this talk of gourmet bites is making us hungry. For some Ooni recipes we love, check out our barbecue chicken pizza, poached pear and nutella pizza and pizza crostini with burrata and roe.

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