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Electric Scooters & How To Use Them

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Get ready to go faster than you ever could on a classic kick scooter with new and improved electric scooters. These battery-powered wonders take the classic two-wheeled handlebar design and give it the grown-up functionality it deserves thanks to high speeds and a battery that can often go a long way. No more exhaustion and no more running out of energy as you push uphill: these electric scooters can handle what you throw at them. And unlike electric bikes, they’re lightweight and easy to carry around.

When you’re getting started, no matter what model you have, moving is easy and you’ll be comfortable quickly. Just like using a regular kick scooter, you place one foot on the deck and kick off with the other, all while speeding up slowly. As you move, it’ll be easy to catch your balance and move farther and farther. Learn all about the benefits to these speedy movers below.

Why Buy Electric Scooters? A Commuter Solution

If you’re looking at your daily commute and tired of a long walk to the train or between public transport routes, electric scooters might be your best solution. While it’s true that the classic kick scooter is often made for kids and teens, these empowered versions are made for transportation. Are you looking for something that can move you from train A to the bus a few blocks away? Or maybe your workplace isn’t as close to the subway as you’d like. Either way, some electric scooters are perfect for commuters. 

With models like the Segway Kick Scooter Max, you can move across town and terrain thanks to its ten-inch tires. This pick can climb gentle slopes, too, meaning you don’t have to walk to work both ways. That being said, this pick is made to be large enough for adults to ride around, so it’s not ultra-light. But it can carry a rider up to 220 lbs and features bright lights, making it perfect for moving around at dusk and beyond. And just like a classic kick scooter, this model can fold down for easy storage, whether you’re riding on the train or storing it in the closet when you get home.

Are Electric Scooters for Kids? Yep, You Bet!

Kids have always loved moving around on wheels, from tricycles to bikes and beyond. Some parents might be worried that electric scooters might be dangerous for kids to ride, but with the right safety practices, kids can zip along right beside their parents, siblings or on their own. Make sure that whatever scooter you choose for your child fits their height and weight limit. Many of the models by Segway have a few different riding modes, including a “Safe” mode. This is the perfect mode for younger riders, limiting speed so that they’re much less likely to take a high-powered tumble. Set your kid’s electric scooter to safe mode and you’ve got the perfect way to get them moving around, whether they’re heading to a neighborhood friend’s house or to the library. Just like the grown-up version, these can fold in half for easy storage.

If your kiddo is thinking about using an electric scooter to go to school, make sure there’s a good way to store it, or use a lock like this one to keep it secured to the bike racks.   

Are Scooters For People Who Need Speed?

Yes, absolutely. While many scooters are designed for going from place to place, some models are crafted to go further and faster. Depending on the rating, you can take the scooter off-road, too. For the ultimate experience, choose speed that adjusts to your needs with the personalized hydraulic shocks on the Ninebot SuperScooter. With a top speed of over 35 miles per hour and a 43.5-mile range, it’s easy to plan out an exciting trek through the forest, fields or city. Adjust the hydraulic shocks to meet your environmental needs. This model actually moves like a motorbike, something you need if you’re going down country lanes. You can both see and be seen thanks to head and tail lights, too.   

Whether you’re looking for a zippier commute or a gift for the kids, electric scooters are a speedy summer solution. Look for app connectivity for even more benefits. If you’d rather dive deeper, check out our video team’s guide to the KickScooter Max.

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