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The Abt Truck Goes Traveling

The Abt Truck just returned from vacation, and it would love to join in on yours!

Beaver Falls, Havasu Falls

Good thing I float.

Last weekend, the Abt Truck tagged along on a trip to Havasu Falls, Arizona. Located within the Grand Canyon, near the town of Supai, Havasu Falls is one of the truly magnificent places on earth. It’s also one of the hardest to get to. Supai is the most remote community in the continental United States, and getting to it requires either an 8-mile hike to the canyon floor or a helicopter ride. It’s one of the few towns in the USA that we haven’t delivered a package, so our truck went along when one of our own visited for a mini-adventure. While there, the Abt Truck (it could use a nickname…) enjoyed descending steep canyon cliffs and taking a dip in the cool, crystal-clear rivers of Havasu Creek.


The people look so small down there.

Interested in taking the Abt Truck on your next adventure? We’d love to send it along! Drop us a comment below or on the Abt Facebook page and we may send one your way and share your photos on our social networks. Until then, Happy Vacationing!

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