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Abt Ads Through the Ages

As part of our 80th Anniversary Celebration, we went digging through the archives for old photos and documents from throughout the store’s history. The old advertisements we found provide a fun look at the sales tactics and buying power of a bygone era. Here’s a collection of our favorites (click on the ad for a larger version):


November 12, 1982. Celebrating our Dealerscope Dealer of the Year Award.


An ad from 1959, advertising the new 21-inch TVs from RCA and GE.


1964. We had an overstock of 41 wringer washers we needed to get rid of!


A 1964 ad, touting TVs with a then-unbelievable 82 channels.


A Valentine’s Day ad from 1950. Buy your sweetie a washing machine!


May was Maytag Month, even way back in 1970.


A “Quiet Sale” ad from our 3rd location in Niles. June, 1985.


In 1954, a new GE Table Radio only required a $1 down payment.


More Maytag, this time in 1967.


In 1967, Zenith was making some of the largest color TVs. And have a look at that advice column on the side.


Speaking of large TV screens. This ad isn’t too old, just from 2002. But take a look at the prices for plasma TVs, which were cutting edge at the time. $15,000 for a 50″ plasma TV. 10 years later you could get one for about 4% of that.


A color ad for color TVs. 1967.

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