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Pink Heals Firetruck Visits Abt

pink heals pink firetruck in front of Abt

For the last few weeks, our mobile audio installation team has been working on a special vehicle, unique even compared to the typically eclectic parade of cars and trucks that passes through our shop. Her name is Diane, and she’s part of the Pink Heals fleet of firetrucks. She came to us for a sound system rewire, and now that the job is done, we’re wishing her on her way—but not before helping spread the word about her mission.

Pink Heals is a non-profit organization that raises awareness and funds for those battling cancer. The organization repurposes retired fire engines into travelling symbols of hope and healing. These trucks make appearances at fundraisers, community events, and sometimes even people’s homes. Anyone can request a visit from a Pink Heals truck, regardless of age, gender, or type of cancer they’re battling. The visits are entirely free, and act as a unique way to bring joy into people’s lives. Those who are visited by a Pink Heals truck are encouraged to sign the truck and leave a positive message. By the looks of Diane, she’s left her mark on quite a few people.

There are dozens of Pink Heals charters across the country, each serving their local community. Diane belongs to the Tri-Cities, IL Area Chapter, and serves the community in and around the Fox Valley Area. To request a visit from Diane or to donate to that chapter, visit Pink Heals Tri-Cities. For visits in other areas of the country, head over to to find your local charter or make an online donation.

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