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Car Audio & Tech Upgrades for Summer Travel

A couple driving in a convertible during the summer sunset

Summer is the perfect season for family vacations, as the weather is warm and the kids are finally out of school. Preparing for these trips, however, can be overwhelming and stressful, between packing and making sure your vehicle is in top shape. If you’re looking for car interior upgrades to help boost the fun and made the ride go smoother, Abt has it all. From car audio to radar detectors, there are…

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How to Choose New Car Speakers and Subwoofers

Cruising weather is almost here, and that’s as good a reason as any to give your car audio system a revamp. Whether you’ve got a cross-country road trip planned for the summer or just enjoy driving on warm nights with the windows down and the music up, time spent in a car is always better with a great stereo system. If the stock stereo in your car leaves you underwhelmed, new car…

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Events News

Pink Heals Firetruck Visits Abt

pink heals pink firetruck in front of Abt

For the last few weeks, our mobile audio installation team has been working on a special vehicle, unique even compared to the typically eclectic parade of cars and trucks that passes through our shop. Her name is Diane, and she’s part of the Pink Heals fleet of firetrucks. She came to us for a sound system rewire, and now that the job is done, we’re wishing her on her way—but not before…

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Hands-On With the New Alpine iLX-F309 Halo9

One of the most common upgrades to a car’s factory stereo is the addition of a large touchscreen display. These “infotainment” head units give drivers and passengers a detailed look at navigation details, diagnostic information, and, of course, all forms of entertainment. Smartphone-specific interfaces like Android Auto or Apple’s CarPlay mimic their respective operating systems, essentially putting every function of your smartphone right onto your dash. But fitting a large screen can…

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CES 2018 TVs & Electronics

CES 2018: Alpine Jeep Speaker Systems

Jeep owners who spring the new Alpine X209-WRA-OR off-road-specific head unit might also find themselves looking for a new set of speakers to go along with their premium receiver. If so, Alpine has them covered. We learned more about a pair of Jeep speaker systems that will offer audio upgrades to a variety of XXX. The Alpine PSS-20WRA is an all-inclusive, 100% plug-and-play speaker system for 2007-2017 Jeep Wranglers, and includes a pair…

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Abt Exclusive CES 2018

CES 2018: Alpine X209-WRA-OR and I207-WRA Restyle Jeep Head Units

It’s no secret we’re big fans of Alpine Audio—especially their lineup of Jeep head units, which we’ve used in multiple Wrangler builds in the past—and visiting them at CES is an annual highlight.  This year, we stopped by to see what’s new in the world of Alpine’s Jeep products, including a pair of new in-dash entertainment units. First up was Alpine X209-WRA-OR, the newest refinement to the company’s Restyle line of in-dash…

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Abt Exclusive

Apple CarPlay Brings iOS to Your Dashboard

Is there a more culturally significant combination of technologies than the automobile and the radio? Since first debuting in the 1930s, the car radio has become a mainstay in our lives, providing the soundtrack to countless memories on weekend night drives around town, long-distance roadtrips, and, uh, all of the other things that go on in a car. Over the years, the car stereo has evolved to include FM radio, then the…

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CES 2017 Videos

CES 2017: Alpine Mobile Audio

Alpine’s CES booth is one of our favorite stops each year, featuring tons of new products and some very impressive display vehicles. This year was no different, as we got to check out an abundance of their upcoming audio products, as well as some other goodies. We learned about the new Alpine X-Series, which is the company’s new overarching series of flagship amps, speakers and subwoofers. The X-Series will focus on audio attributes…

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