LG Brings Cookies and Tasty Treats to Abt

The internet’s most beloved food network is coming to Abt! Next month, our friends from LG are rolling into town with the Tasty mobile kitchen, and they’ll be giving you the opportunity to become the star of your very own Tasty video. All afternoon-long, product specialists will be demonstrating the features of LG’s newest double ovens. In addition to packing in more cooking capacity than any other oven in their class, these double ovens feature LG ProBake Convection, a pro-level technology that helps every batch of cookies come out perfect, every time. To illustrate this, LG and Tasty will be baking up hundreds of gourmet cookies. Once baked, you can take your fresh cookie over to the decoration station to personalize it on video. Spin the Cookie Wheel to score some sweet LG x Tasty swag, and enter to be the lucky winner of a brand new LG double oven!

LG’s Cookies and Tasty Treats at Abt
Saturday, September 14th | Abt Parking Lot

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