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New & Now: Canon EOS R8 Content Creator Kit

Content creator filming herself with the Canon EOS R8 and microphone.

Calling all content creators from TikTok beauty gurus to film directors to travel bloggers. Whether content creation has become your career or a new hobby, it’s important to know what you need in order to produce remarkable content. It’s time to swap out your cell phone’s camera with the Canon EOS R8 Content Creator kit. Unfold everything you need in just one box and skip the countless hours of researching products. Enjoy unique features as this household name brand, Canon, has never failed to craft high-performing cameras that are a favorite to many—whether you’re a master behind the camera or just starting out. 

EOS R8 Content Creator Kit complete with a camera, tripod, microphone and windscreen.

What Comes Inside

EOS R8 Camera Body

The possibilities are endless with the Canon EOS R8 camera; watch your dream shooting location come to life with the perfect on-the-go companion; it weighs less than a pound. When you’re ready to shoot, use its RF lens mount to attach a wide array of lenses that best complement your artistic vision. Take that vision to the next level with in-camera compositing from HDR Night Scene to Panoramic Shot for an enhanced story image and seamless shooting process. Additionally, the 24.2 megapixel CMOS sensor and DIGIC X Image Processor offer high-resolution and low noise at various speeds along with a powerful rolling shutter. You can capture your shots from various angles and make adjustments using its Clear View LCD II Vari-angle Touchscreen LCD. Time is your friend with this camera body, as it can record up to 60 FPS for up to 2 hours for your longer, continuous shots.

Stereo Microphone DM-E100

Take your audience on a stellar listening journey with the Stereo Microphone DM-E100. Simply attach it to the OES R8 camera thanks to its hot-shoe mount, designed to ensure security. Use this microphone to narrate your next “get ready with me” video and give your viewers an immersive experience with unmatched audio. Alternatively, head outside and film a race car documentary using your camera’s Deep Learning Technology for subject detection. Plus you’ll never have to worry about picking up wind sounds, as it comes with a windscreen crafted for outdoor shooting. Just like the camera body, this microphone is lightweight so your arms won’t feel sore the next day. 

Tripod Grip HG-100TBR

Person being filmed with the Canon EOS R8 camera and tripod grip, operated by the wireless remote control.

Filming a cooking video for your YouTube channel? Screw your Canon EOS R8 camera onto this sturdy tripod for shake-free shots so your viewers can enjoy the creation of your delicious masterpiece. Make sure you utilize its wireless remote control so you can easily start and stop your camera from afar. This tripod can also be handheld for moving shots, which is perfect for travel vlogs and house tour videos. Make sure to put your camera on Auto Mode so it can focus and track your subject’s movement. You won’t even need to adjust the Subject Detection setting—Auto Mode does the work for you.

RF24-50mm F4.5-6.3 IS STM Lens

The Canon EOS R8 Content Creator kit also comes with the RF24-50mm F4.5-6.3 IS STM lens to support your creative imagination with its wide-to-normal zoom. Stream a live breaking news video with the scene in the background, set the camera’s Subject Detection menu to People and capture a close-up shot of someone’s face, you name it. Shooting a film? Ensuring “quiet on set” can already be taxing—the last thing you need is a loud lens. Thankfully, this lens’ stepping motor technology operates at an incredibly quiet noise level. This pick was also crafted with image stabilization and Canon Super Spectra Coating for shake-free results and a crystal clear view.

More To Love

Beyond these four devices, this kit includes a battery pack, charger and cover, camera strap, lens and dust cap and a cover for the shoe and camera. That way, you don’t have to hunt for products compatible with the camera, microphone, lens and tripod—it’s all in the box. Creating content isn’t always easy, but with the Canon EOS R8 Content Creator kit, everything gets simpler. This must-have kit provides everything you need to create content that moves, engages and grabs the attention of others. However, if you don’t happen to need everything this kit has to offer, you can opt for the Canon EOS R8 RF24-50mm F4.5-6.3 IS STM Lens Kit, which has everything except the microphone and tripod (along with their accessories). 

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