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Meta Quest 3 vs. 2

An image of the Meta Quest 3 with the caption "Meta Quest 3 vs 2"

Which will people love more in the battle of the Meta Quest 3 vs. 2? Meta announced the new VR headset, the Meta Quest 3, with a launch date aimed for September 27 at the brand’s Meta Connect event. While Facebook’s parent company has put a lot of eggs in the basket of VR tech, it all started with the Oculus Quest 1 and 2.

Image of The Meta Quest 3 with the tagline "Introducing Meta Quest 3"

Now, Meta’s truly rebranding the Quest in its third edition with its own name attached to the product right from the launch. Gamers are familiar with the Meta name now, and there are all new features attached. Explore what’s been revealed since its announcement earlier this summer in our battle of the Meta Quest 3 vs. 2. 

The Fit: A Slimmer Design

One thing many noted about the Meta Quest 2 and its earlier iterations (like the Oculus Rift) is just how large it is. The 2 weighs just under two pounds and has a screen width that’s 5.46 inches. Compared to its new successor, the depth is a bit clunkier. It sticks out past your face by a few inches (3-4 inches, depending on whether you measure from the center of your forehead or the edge). Meanwhile, the Meta Quest 3 brings a smaller shape to VR. It’s 40% slimmer with its “pancake lenses”.  In the contest of the Meta Quest 3 vs 2, the 3 brings some new external controls to the headset itself, like a wheel that adjusts IPD (Inter Pupillary Distance). Use this wheel to adjust the distance for the headset’s lenses. That’s a serious upgrade: the previous model only had three positions to pick from.   

The Meta Quest 2 on a white background, with both hand remotes

The Cameras: Made For New Functions

While the Meta Quest 2 has impressive cameras at the corners of its headset, the newest version remakes entirely: part of how the brand says it’s redesigning “from the inside out”. When comparing, in a fight of the Meta Quest 3 vs. 2, note that the new triple-camera array is right at the front of the headset. That’s right where your eyes would be, and there’s a reason for that. These new cameras merge reality with virtual reality: just like the Apple Vision Pro. While Apple’s model is geared more toward computing in everyday life, the Meta Quest 3 aims at carving a market into everyday gaming with the ability to use your own physical space as a background.     

The Graphics: Reimagined

The new version is powerful, as powerful as its previous iteration was popular. It’s all thanks to the next generation of Qualcomm Snapdragon SOC+ chipset. It promises to double the graphical performance, meaning that in the fight of the Meta Quest 3 vs. 2, the Meta Quest 3 wins outright. Lines are sharpened, colors are vibrant, and action will move quickly and freely with the chip upgrade.

Meta Quest 3 with both hand controllers

Battery Life: It’s A Draw

When it comes to battery life, it looks like there won’t be much of a change. Users currently wear the battery pack as they play, move and watch, and the 2 can hold a charge for around 2-3 hours of gaming. It looks like that will stay the same for the Meta Quest 3.

Which Wins?

At this point, it’s undeniable that the Meta Quest 3 looks like the clear winner when it comes to the Meta Quest 3 vs. 2. At the same time, the 2 is a solid VR headset that won’t be going away anytime soon. You’ll find it in schools, libraries, homes and even workplaces: that’s because this product is a roaring success. While the next generation looks like it improves on nearly every aspect of the former model, it still isn’t out yet, so we can’t render an in-depth judgment until September 27, 2023. Look for a deep dive into that product on our YouTube channel this fall once it’s out and our technologists can finally get their hands on it.  

If you’re still debating between whether to buy the older version or wait for new tech, consider taking your budget into account. The price for the Meta Quest 2’s 128 GB size has already fallen to $299, a $50 drop. If you’re looking for a gaming headset that still has great chops and is more affordable, the 2 isn’t a bad choice. But if you want true performance and the best of what’s next, the Meta Quest 3 is for you and worth a wait.  

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