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Epson 3D Printer Can Create Your Very Own Plastic Anything

Epson has outdone themselves with creating something I would have only dreamed of having when I was a youngster. Epson’s new Object260 Connex printer is a 3D printer that works with your computer and accompanying software to create physical 3D objects. In other words, you can program the printer to create your own action figures!

During a convention in Vancouver recently, Epson brought along some Hollywood examples of how its multi-material Objet260 Connex helped movie makers craft prototype creatures before they were inserted into the storyline.

Iron Man mask made by the printer.  Image courtesy of Endgadget 

Yes the printer can be used by manufacturers to create prototype tools, appliance parts and other sorts of important things, but honestly, who wouldn’t want to have a ready-made action figure printer at their disposal?  The current price tag is around tens of thousands of dollars, but don’t worry, I’m just waiting till the price drops to get my own.

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