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CES 2020: Samsung Sero, Serif, and Frame TVs

samsung serif frame sero TV ces 2020

Along with upcoming high-tech display technologies, it’s always fun to see how brands manage to present existing products in new ways. At Samsung, we checked out a trio of televisions that don’t necessarily offer anything groundbreaking in terms of technology, they just put a twist (literally, in one case) on the way the devices are displayed.

Samsung Sero TV

The Samsung Sero TV seems to signal that the war against vertical video has officially been lost. Next time you’re watching an epic, albeit vertically-filmed YouTube video, instead of cursing the filmer, tilting your head, or dealing with massive black bars on your TV, you might just sit back and let your TV rotate 90°. If your TV is a Samsung Sero, of course. The new 4K QLED TV automatically rotates to match the orientation of the video being played. As social networks become a growing source of our video entertainment, this might become a more common feature.

Samsung Serif TV and The Frame

A growing trend in home electronics design is the idea that a TV can be more than just an emotionless blank slate when it’s not being watched. Samsung offers up a pair of different takes on that concept, which they call their “Lifestyle TVs.”

The Samsung Serif TV embraces the concept with its unique physical construction. An otherwise standard Samsung 4K QLED, the Serif sports a playful retro-futuristic frame and stand, like something out of The Jetsons. Mid-century modern design is experiencing a resurgence right now, and the Samsung Serif is the perfect way to integrate a television into that aesthetic.

And of course, there’s the Samsung Frame. This TV has been a surprise hit since we first saw it back in 2017. For those unfamiliar with it, the Samsung Frame is a 4K QLED TV wrapped in a sleek wooden (you guessed it) frame. The frame can be swapped out for a variety of finishes, giving the TV the look of a piece of art. That concept is furthered by the Frame’s Art Mode, which displays user-selectable works of art when the TV is not being actively used. Surround the Frame with family photos, and when it’s not playing a blockbuster movie, it will blend seamlessly in with the rest of your gallery wall. The Samsung Frame is currently on display and available to purchase at Abt.

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