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Sony X900H vs Samsung Q80T: Popular Mid-Range TVs Compared

Sony X900H vs Samsung Q80T

Now that next-gen gaming consoles have hit the market, serious gamers are reevaluating their existing TV setups. Both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X offer the potential for some truly groundbreaking gaming, and getting the most out of each console requires a TV that can keep up. So if you were lucky enough to score one of these gaming rigs, you might now be shopping for a new 4K TV.  Last month,…

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CES CES 2020 Home Theater TVs & Electronics

CES 2020: Samsung Sero, Serif, and Frame TVs

samsung serif frame sero TV ces 2020

Along with upcoming high-tech display technologies, it’s always fun to see how brands manage to present existing products in new ways. At Samsung, we checked out a trio of televisions that don’t necessarily offer anything groundbreaking in terms of technology, they just put a twist (literally, in one case) on the way the devices are displayed. Samsung Sero TV The Samsung Sero TV seems to signal that the war against vertical video…

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