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Meet the Samsung Frame

Announced earlier this year, the curious new Samsung Frame is now available at Abt. Part piece of art and part high-tech display, the Samsung Frame is a product intended for those who find that the traditional “black mirror” of a TV is a bit of an eyesore in an otherwise nicely-decorated home. TVs have gotten better looking as technology allows them to be made thinner, with smaller bezels, and out of materials like sleek aluminum or stainless steel. But at the end of the day, they’re still big chunks of glass, plastic and metal that tend to look out of place in most design schemes when they’re powered off. The aim of the Samsung Frame is to allow the TV to function as beautiful piece of art when it’s not being used as a television.

The Samsung Frame achieves this with its Art Mode function, which transforms the display into a stunning work of art that—at first glance—you’d probably mistake for something straight out of a museum gallery. But this isn’t just another digital picture frame rotating through a selection of your vacation photos. Each Frame includes a professionally-curated gallery of 100 works of art from a variety of genres and disciplines. Users can also buy individual pieces of art or subscribe to an always-growing library to keep their Frame always displaying something new.

The Samsung Frame gallery includes 100 works of art, including wildlife and landscape photographs, abstract art, still life, and more.

One of the most noticeable differences between the Samsung Frame and other modern LED TVs is that, as the name implies, the Samsung sports a substantial frame, which mimics the look of an actual picture frame. Interchangeable bezels, available in a variety of wood-grain and colored finishes, let users match the TV to a room’s design elements, including actual framed artwork that is hung nearby. So even when the Frame is not being used as a TV and not displaying Art Mode, it looks a little less like a TV, and more like a work of art.

Click through to purchase the Samsung Frame, or if you’re local to our Glenview showroom, stop by to see it in action.

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