CES 2018 Internet of Things

CES 2018: Samsung Digital Cockpit and Telematics

Samsung takes on the future of driving.

We’ve already seen the ways that Samsung is leveraging smart technology to change the way you go about your daily task in your home. At CES, we learned how they’re hoping to bring some of that same innovation to your car. The Samsung Digital Cockpit features a suite of gorgeous OLED displays placed around the dashboard, in place of where you might see your instrument gauge, car stereo, and climate controls. Each screen offers the ability to display, customize, and control each of the components it replaces, but Samsung’s connected technology also creates a massive increase in utility and places it at your fingertips.

As a fully-connected device, drivers have easy access to navigation assistance, weather information, streaming media, and all the other benefits of the Internet. But that’s nothing we haven’t seen before, especially with the proliferation of CarPlay and Android Auto head units. The ace up Samsung’s sleeve is the way the Digital Cockpit integrates with Samsung’s SmartThings system, transforming the car into a control center for the entire home and creating countless ways to make your life more convenient. Adjust the house lights or temperature when you leave work, and arrive to a perfectly comfortable home. Preheat the oven when you’re ten minutes out, and it’s ready to receive the pot roast you prepared the night before. You can even check the contents of your fridge to see if you need to stop at the grocery store. Check out the video for more info:

Now, if you think that all of this information on these flashy screens seems like a huge distraction to drivers, you’re right. If this system was meant for today’s typical sedan, it would be a recipe for disaster. But Samsung is looking a few years ahead, to the point where self-driving cars have become a reality. And while we’re on the cusp of that revolution, there are still some obstacles to work out before widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles. So Samsung has a finger in that pie as well, by working to develop smart vehicle communication systems. Known as telematics, these systems will help autonomous vehicles “talk” to each other and to smart objects throughout the environment, making for safer, more efficient travel. Learn more about it, including an intriguing potential use case, in the following video:

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