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Kick Off Grilling Season with Recipes from Weber

For those of us who spend half of the year or more cooped up inside, there is no greater way to welcome the arrival of spring weather than that first day of cooking outside. Sure, some may brave the elements for a perfect porterhouse in the middle of the winter, but most of us give up on grilling when the mercury drops. So that first grill-out of the season becomes a sort of ritual. This year, as we all deal with another layer of isolation, the first chance to get outside and will only be that much more enjoyable.

Ready to hit that starter button and spend some time over a flame, but not sure what to make? Our friends at Weber have some ideas, and shared with us three different recipes that are each a great way to kick off the season. They’re all super-simple recipes, but lead to some amazing results. So even if you’re more of a frozen burger patty kind of chef, these meals will earn you some serious chef cred with the family. But before you get started, do a quick pre-flight check. Got all the necessary grilling tools? Is there gas in the tank—or charcoal in the bag? And how clean is your grill? If you’ve already prepped your grill for its first use after storage, then turn on the gas or stoke those coals, tie on your apron, and get ready to grill. 

5 Minute Stir Fry — This recipe probably has the highest taste-to-difficulty ratio we’ve ever experienced. Don’t let anyone know how little work it actually takes.

Smoked Beer Can Chicken — Beer can chicken is a fun way to add a little of your favorite local brewery’s flavors—and some extra juiciness—to your typical grilled chicken recipe.

Balsamic-Marinated Flank Steak Sandwiches with Peppers and Onions — This one does take a little more work than the others—you’ll need to plan ahead at least 24 hours—but we promise it’s worth it come meal time.

All recipes are by Jamie Purviance, Weber’s Culinary Director. You can find these recipes, and more, in his cookbooks Weber’s New Real Grilling and Weber’s Way to Grill. Or, click through any of the videos to get text links to the recipes and see more fun meal ideas from Weber’s grilling guru. And if watching these videos has got your mouth watering and given you a serious case of grill envy, head over to our selection of Weber grills to find the perfect upgrade to your backyard. 

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    May 1, 2020 at 8:23 pm

    I think I’ll get my 20 year old Weber Genesis grill out tomorrow and make one of these recipes. It was one of the best gifts I ever got…only needed a caster and grates replaced in all those years.

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