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Top 6 Benefits of Installing a Google Nest Thermostat

Nest smart thermostat

The thermostat is one of the most oft-overlooked devices in the home, despite being one of the most important. It’s integral to your comfort, but most thermostats are difficult to program, have a narrow scope of functions, and honestly, they’re kind of ugly. Google Nest Thermostats change all of that by bringing a high-tech edge and unique style to what has traditionally been a very low-tech device.  And while the Nest brand…

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Helpful Tips To Keep Your Home Warm

The cold of winter has fully arrived and naturally, the easiest thing for many homeowners to do is turn up their central heating. But more heat = higher monthly bills. So instead of cranking that thermostat up, try implementing some of the useful tips we’ve shared below to keep your house warm and save a few bucks along the way. Utilize Space Heaters. Space Heaters are a great tool to keep individual rooms…

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Energy Saving Summer Tips!

Summer has been around for only a few weeks, but it’s been hotter than ever.  Chances are, you have been running that A/C and staying indoors to beat the heat.  With your A/C running at full blast, you are staying cool, but you are using quite a bit of energy.  It’s hard to turn off the A/C in extreme heat, but you can balance the energy you are using by making a…

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