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Meet Our Fall 2023 Star Employees!

The photos and job titles of the Fall 2023 star employees at Abt

Welcome back to Chicagoland’s chilly fall season! It’s the time of year when we gather together and enjoy the season with our closest family and friends. But for Abt, we’re prepping for our busiest time of the year. But that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate our amazing staff. That’s why we’re showing off our four Star Employees of the season!

Twice a year, we take the time to honor and share the spotlight with some of our high-performing employees. From our sales specialists to our installers, everyone here at Abt is a valued team member. And while we believe everyone at Abt brings their own unique talents, amazing work ethic and skills to their departments, it’s time for our Star Employees to be recognized for their hard work and devotion. These people are always willing to help others, bring their A-game, and go above and beyond what the job requires of them to help both their teammates and customers. That’s why all four of them embody our motto: “The answer is always yes to any reasonable request”.

Read up on all four of them and what makes Monica, Sergio, Pete and Eddie so amazing. Thank you all!

The Fall 2023 star employees at Abt profiles

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