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Custom Mercedes at Abt Electronics

Visit Abt this weekend to see a custom designed Mercedes in our Atrium. The Mercedes was loaded up with high-end audio equipment from our mobile audio department. It has the following:

• Kenwood Audio for a smooth crisp sound

• Stinger wiring and power for a flawless foundation

• Hushmat to quiet road noise and improve acoustics

• Audison Bit Ten for uncompromised audio control

• K40 radar and laser protection for stealthy ticket protection

• 3M Paint protection film for scratch and chip prevention

• Viper window film for a classy and comfortable ride

• Viper Smartstart for convenient entry and remote start

• Varad accent lighting for a touch of glitz

This vehicle is not just for display only.  The Mercedes, which has all of the above as well is on sale for $60k.  Come in today and see for yourself!

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