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Celebrate National Air Fry Day with Frigidaire

From spicy Buffalo wings to crispy french fries, everyone has their favorite deep-fried food, and nothing hits the spot quite like it. But, like most things that taste good, fried foods aren’t particularly good for you. Sure, baking, steaming, or boiling are all healthier methods of cooking—but they don’t give you that satisfying comfort food texture or taste. When was the last time you saw a tent of deep-steamed foods at the county fair? 

Thankfully, there’s a good compromise: air frying. An air fryer uses superheated air and just a tiny amount of oil (or often no oil at all) to create a close approximation of the frying process. Keen taste buds will be able to tell the difference, but for most of us who just want something warm and crispy to eat with our burgers, air fried foods will definitely hit the spot. Plus, your foods will be healthier and your cleanup will be easier.

Countertop air fryers have been on the market for years, and do an admirable job, but they have their downsides. They tend to take up lots of countertop space, and often don’t get hot enough to convincingly mimic deep frying. So Frigidaire devised a clever way to solve both of these problems: they built the air-frying function into some of their full-size kitchen ranges and wall ovens. These air fryer ranges are available in gas, electric, and induction models, so they can fit any cooking style and utility setup. They leverage the high temperature capabilities of the range and combine it with special circulation fan to ensure your food gets air-fried evenly and to a perfect crisp. The function is even available on the professional-level Frigidaire Gallery ranges, so you know you won’t miss out on other features just to get the air fry function. Click the banner below to shop the entire selection of Frigidaire’s air fryer ranges and ovens.

To spotlight these products and as a way to generally celebrate this health-conscious way of enjoying our favorite guilty pleasures, Frigidaire has also designated September 26 as National Air Fry Day. And hey, a made-up holiday is as good an excuse as any to cook up some comfort foods.

So if you’re looking for something to make this weekend, or any time you want to indulge in a comfort food without the guilt, check out these air fryer recipes from Frigidaire. They can all be made in any type of air fryer, though you’ll likely need to adjust cooking times. You can make almost all of your favorite traditionally-fried foods in an air fryer, from sweet donuts to savory appetizers. Can’t find an air fryer-specific recipe? There’s lots of info out there about converting traditional fryer recipes to work in an air fryer.

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