Car Audio & Tech Upgrades for Summer Travel

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Summer is the perfect season for family vacations, as the weather is warm and the kids are finally out of school. Preparing for these trips, however, can be overwhelming and stressful, between packing and making sure your vehicle is in top shape. If you’re looking for car interior upgrades to help boost the fun and made the ride go smoother, Abt has it all. From car audio to radar detectors, there are plenty of products you can install in your vehicle that are bound to make travel stress-free and enjoyable.

Car Audio

The Alpine S-Series Coaxial 2-Way speakers feature H.A.M.R. (high amplitude multi-roll) rubber surround, which reduces car audio distortion, as well as CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) woofer cones to create ultra-accurate speaker performance. Working together, the surround and woofer cones provide a stunning, enhanced sound no average built-in stereo could. The one-inch silk dome tweeter adds extra precision to the instrumentals and vocals too. They can also pivot, angling themselves in the exact direction of the listener for a powerful audio experience.

To improve your car audio even further, add an amplifier. The amplifiers take smaller input signals and increase them for a larger output, overcoming any external road noises you experience while driving. While many car amplifiers are mono or two-channel, the Hertz HCP Series car amplifier takes it to the next level by increasing the output to four channels. If you add a subwoofer, like the JL Audio W3 Series, to your car as well, your sound system will have the power to reproduce and boost lower-frequency sound like bass, widening the soundstage altogether. Adding an amplifier and subwoofer on top of your car speakers offers increased volume, higher-quality audio and improved efficiency.

Car Video

Color car video touchscreen for vehicle dashboard

Upgrade your old radio screen with the Kenwood Digital Multimedia Receiver. This display panel is Bluetooth compatible and performs with both Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™. This intelligent touch screen gives you the power to control your car audio with apps like Pandora, Apple Music or Spotify. You can also access voice assistance or use third-party navigation apps for support on your route. Everything you want will be within reach thanks to the Kenwood Digital Multimedia Receiver, eliminating the need for cellphone access and other distractions. You can even connect an optional rearview camera to this screen for additional safety and visibility when parking.

Radar Detector

Increase road trip safety with car interior upgrades like the Escort Redline 360c Radar Detector. Radar detectors use radio waves to alert drivers to car crashes, traffic and police presence. This will effectively keep you within speed limits and help prevent you and your family from any harm. This specific model creates a protective shield around your car with true 360° directional awareness and location accuracy. The driving community using Escort products is able to share real-time warnings and alerts through the Escort Live App so you’re always up to date. The GPS-based technology is also able to learn your route and act as a backup, rejecting any false alerts from other drivers.

Black and red dashboard radar detector device for your vehicle

Remote Start

Remote start device, the included wiring and the box it comes in.

Remote start systems, like the Viper DS4, give you the power to lock, unlock and start your car from your smartphone within a range of 150 feet. Take advantage of the remote start by pre-cooling your car before hopping back in! Gain complete control of your car and get updated vehicle statuses via Bluetooth with the free Viper SmartStart mobile app too. Viper provides a digital system that works to protect your car against theft. Even vehicles that are not equipped with an immobilizer can enjoy an extra layer of security. If you pair the Viper DS4 with a Viper SmartStart Pro Module, you can find and share the exact location of your car and even get directions to it so you never get lost. Viper will always keep track of your vehicle for you as you explore new locations on your trip.

GPS Navigation

While car video receivers and GPS navigation screens have plenty in common, the Garmin DriveSmart GPS Navigation System holds more travel benefits. When you pair this Bluetooth-compatible device with the Garmin Drive™ app on your smartphone, you can find timesaving detours, updated fuel prices, view weather forecasts, storm alerts and more. Get warnings for speed changes, sharp curves and railroad crossings too. If you’re looking for fun road trip stops on the way, the Garmin DriveSmart even has a database of parks, museums, monuments and national parks on your route. This bright, high-resolution screen features an extra charging port for your devices. It also accepts verbal commands for hands-free phone calls.

A color touch screen GPS navigation system for your car dashboard. On the screen, a route/directions is already in progress.

Other Installation Services

While the car audio and car interior upgrades above are guaranteed to put you ahead of the game, there are plenty more ways to enhance your car and simplify your upcoming road trip. Abt’s mobile install team offers a variety of car services to local customers including rear seat video installation for younger passengers, backup camera installation, window tinting to keep the interior cool and more. 

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