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New & Now: Dyson Zone Headphones

A man in the city using the Dyson Zone headphones including the Visor.

When you think of the brand “Dyson,” you likely imagine their vacuums, or maybe even their hair care products. In truth, the brand is all about finding the strength in our air and manipulating it for the best results. They’re taking a leap into the future with the Dyson Zone headphones: a device designed to deliver clean, purified air and high-fidelity music. This electronic is for settings like noisy cities filled with air pollution. Let’s take a deep dive into exactly what this pair of headphones can do, how it works and whether the Dyson Zone is the right pick for you. To do that, we’ll break the Dyson Zone down into its separate parts: headphones and air purification device.

Woman wearing The Dyson Zone with visor removed.

The Headphones

Audio is a completely new realm for this brand, but they’ve done well with their first iteration. This over-ear pair is crafted for audio lovers who are on the move. The idea is to keep you in your own little bubble of sound. The padded earcups are designed ergonomically, while the interior is crafted for unbeatable audio. Users hear incredibly low distortion, active noise-canceling technology and tech that delivers clear sound.

Eight active noise-canceling microphones listen to the environment, while two additional mics are designed for telephone calls and transparency. Meanwhile, each ear cup has 40 mm 16-ohm speaker drivers that bring the bass, as well as clear mids and highs. If you’re only using the headphones, you can get as many as 50 hours of active noise-canceling hours out of a single charge. These can go from class to the library to work and back, all with enough battery to take on day two. 

The design is impressive and can rival other over-ear models, but the internal smart tech is not to be overlooked. Here, users can connect to the MyDyson app to adjust things like EQ and frequency to customize sound. Even monitor filter status and air quality here.

A man on city streets with the Dyson Zone on. His visor is in place.

The Air Purifier

The visor is what truly makes the Zone a standout—and what justifies its sticker-shock price tag. At the time of publication, that’s a weighty $949. That visor also harnesses the brand’s air-purifying technology. Users attach the visor to the headphones magnetically and turn it on to feel the difference. This removable visor keeps air clean by refining 99% of breathable air with help from a dual-filtration system. An activated carbon filter works alongside an electrostatic one to pull away and trap pollutants, dust, pollen and more—as small as 0.1 micron. They even trap gases like nitrogen dioxide. 

As far as what that actually feels like, it’s different. Unlike a mask, this model doesn’t fit up against your face. When worn, the motors in each earcup go to work to pull in and filter air through the visor. The result is an air current that reaches both the nose and mouth. These designers spent years trying to perfect the visor’s process and even used medical-grade mechanical lungs to craft the correct system.

When it comes to pros and cons, reviewers and owners will likely remark that the Dyson Zone is heavier than other headphones they’ve tried before. But as we head into wildfire season and through a summer marked by smoke hanging over New York City, city-dwellers should consider the Dyson Zone headphones a real option. If you’re ready to buy, order online for fast shipping. And if you still have questions, head into Abt in Glenview, IL, or call us at the number below to learn more.   

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