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Abt Employees of the Year

Employee of the Year banner 2021

With 2022 launching off on the right foot, everyone is eager to leave 2021 in the dust. That being said, we’d like to pause and take a moment to honor what made 2021 the best for Abt: our employees. With over 1,700 people working together to accomplish our goal of complete satisfaction, it was hard to choose just…

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CES CES 2022

CES 2022: Samsung Freestyle Projector

Samsung freestyle projector

Imagine being able to bring the movie theater experience with you wherever you go. With the new Samsung Freestyle projector, you can do just that. Unveiled at CES 2022, this portable projector uses Bluetooth to connect to and project content from your phone. The Freestyle hasn’t even launched yet and we’re already obsessed. With this release, Samsung anticipates…

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CES CES 2022

CES 2022: Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 3

lenovo thinkbook plus gen 3 open

CES 2022 is coming to the end but the exciting announcements keep coming! The latest news from Lenovo is particularly relevant for college students and remote employees. The new Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 is the latest iteration of the brand’s popular laptop. The Gen 3 has an exciting new feature: a dual-screen display. You heard that right—two…

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Abt Exclusive CES CES 2022 News TVs & Electronics

CES 2022: Sony QD-OLED and Mini LED TVs Revealed

Sony at CES 2022

Sony came prepared to the annual Consumer Electronics Show this year. While our last post showed off their groundbreaking new exploration into the realm of VR, we’re taking a closer look at this year’s lineup of Sony televisions. And while some tech might look familiar, there’s a lot that’s new to explore. Let’s dive in. The Boosted XR…

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CES CES 2022

CES 2022: Sony Announces PlayStation VR2

playstation vr2 announcement screen

The CES 2022 coverage continues on The Bolt! Today, Sony announced their newest PlayStation VR headset and VR controllers to take virtual gaming to new heights. Sony seeks to “[explore] new technology that unlocks new entertainment experiences” and that virtual reality is central to making that happen. Sony’s next generation VR system for PS5 will be called PlayStation…

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Abt Exclusive CES CES 2022 Events News TVs & Electronics

LG at CES 2022: Improved OLED Screens & More

LG One:QuickFlex CES 2022

CES 2022 kicked off with a bang with their annual CES Unveiled session on January 3rd, showing off experimental tech and fun inventions. Meanwhile, LG CEO William (Joo Wan) Cho presented some of the newest devices that will be taking the new year by storm from their brand. The LG digital World Premiere featured an expanse of groundbreaking…

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