Abt Exclusive Events

BlueStar Cooking Demos at Abt

wide frame shot of a kitchen with with four gold and crystal chandeliers in the foreground

Witness culinary masterpieces at Abt’s BlueStar kitchen. Now through the end of the year, we’ll be hosting various cooking demos from fall favorites to holiday classics. The iconic appliance brand, known for their colorful, high-end offering, is sending Chef Susan Swanson to Abt to make eight different dishes for our guests to enjoy. Twice a month, Chef Susan…

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Abt Exclusive Computers Products TVs & Electronics

An All-New LG OLED Monitor: The LG OLED FLEX

3 LG Flex Monitors in different curved positions with colorful images

While curved screens are nothing new to the modern market and have truly taken off with gamers, it’s LG’s OLED technology has allowed them to spearhead truly flexible screens. They even teased a rollable screen back at CES 2021. Now they’re expanding their product lines with a new technology: an LG OLED monitor that can curve inward and…

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News Products

Meet the Sonos Sub Mini Subwoofer

a black Sonos sub mini sits on the floor with a beige credenza to its left and a green potted plant to its right

Introducing the Sonos Sub Mini, the latest offering from the audio experts at Sonos. As the name suggests, their newest device is a conveniently compact subwoofer. Despite its diminutive size, this device delivers surprisingly rich, clear and balanced bass tones. Like every product Sonos releases, this subwoofer is designed to work in harmony with the rest of the…

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Abt Exclusive Events

Abt Family Picnic 2022

"Abt" spelled out in light-up letters. The A is red, the B is black and the T is grey

The gloomy weather couldn’t stop the Abt family picnic from being a huge success! After a brief hiatus, this special employee appreciation event returned for 2022. While originally scheduled to be held outside, the rain meant Abt employees and their loved ones celebrated inside several of our truck bays. Food, rides and events made the day extra special. …

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Abt Exclusive

Best Practices for Mobile Device Security

Phone in hand beside the words Best Practices for Mobile Device Security

Mobile devices make up 50% of global internet traffic, topping out desktop computers and tablets as the most popular browsing tools in the world. They’re convenient and easy to use, but their significant popularity also makes them vulnerable to cyberattacks. Here are five key practices mobile phone users need to increase mobile device security against online threats. Update…

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Apple Event September 2022

black starry night sky with the apple logo. white text below reads "apple event"

The second Apple Event of 2022 was held today. The event, titled “Far Out,” gave an exclusive look at several new launches, including the next generation of iPhone. If you missed it, have no fear—our recap has everything you need to know about what Apple has planned for the far out future.  Tim Cook opened the event on…

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