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Holiday Gift Guide: Video Game & Gamer Gifts


Picking out gamer gifts can be notoriously difficult, especially if you’re not a player yourself. With new consoles coming out and new ways to play (hello VR) becoming more popular every day, it isn’t getting any easier, either. But we’ve got gamers and tech experts on staff who have the pulse of what’s happening now and what’s coming next in the world of video games. Whether you’re looking for a stocking stuffer…

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Holiday Gift Guide: Movie Lover Gifts

Home movie night setup.

As the holiday season approaches, the search for the perfect gift is on everyone’s mind. If you’re shopping for presents that transcend the ordinary and aim to provide an unparalleled cinematic experience for the movie aficionado in your life, you’ve come to the right place. From crystal-clear visuals on the Sony A95L QD-OLED TV to spine-tingling audio from our Sonos soundbar, each item in this gift guide is a ticket to an…

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Abt Exclusive Employee Spotlight

Happy Veterans Day from Abt!

A black background with an American flag on the left side and the text "Happy Veterans Day From Abt!"

Happy Veterans Day, from Abt to you. Every day, our company honors all who have made the brave choice to fight for our country. We thank those currently enlisted and those who have returned home safely, and we remember the fallen soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom in America. In fact, did you know that the son of Abt founders and former CEO, Bob Abt, was a veteran? He…

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Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For Audiophiles

A line of AirPods Max Headphones displayed with holiday greens

The holidays are approaching, and while you may think you’ve got a lot of time to shop for gifts, time runs out quickly. That’s why we’re posting our collection of gift guides right here on the blog, starting with our gift guide for the music lover. Gifts for audiophiles can be tricky. Sonic science can be difficult to pin down, and music lovers can sometimes be particular about tech. That’s why we…

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Home Tips

Ultimate Sunday Reset: Prepare For the Week Ahead

Woman sitting down folding laundry.

Ah, Sunday, the day of rest. It’s the perfect time to unwind, recharge and get ready for the upcoming week. We all know the feeling of a hectic Monday morning, searching for misplaced items and wishing we had just a little more time. That’s where the “Ultimate Sunday Reset” comes in, a healthy routine that helps you start your week on the right foot. Let’s take a look at a few ways…

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Thanksgiving Picks From Abt Sales Specialists

A collage of Abt sales specialists with text over it reading: "Thanksgiving Picks from Abt"

We’ve officially made it to the first week in November, which means Thanksgiving is around the corner. For many, it’s a beloved holiday for eating and coming together with the ones you love. For others, it’s a month full of stress. Why? Because hosting a holiday dinner with all your friends and family takes a lot of work and planning. But Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be all hustle and bustle. No one…

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Abt Exclusive Events

Halloween Costume Contest! Abt Employees Face Off

Amanda from the Candy store dressed up for our costume contest as Hubba Bubba gum

Yesterday was Halloween, and the spooky spirit hasn’t entirely left Abt yet. That’s because we had our annual Halloween costume contest yesterday! On October 31, employees at Abt are welcome to dress to the nines in their favorite costumes. This year we were bound to see witches, horror film classics, Barbies, Kens, and…Mona Lisa, is that you? Our full gallery from our Halloween Costume Contest is posted online to our Facebook page,…

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Upgrading Classic Cars at Abt

Classic car sitting outside of Abt.

Classic cars embody a timeless allure, reminiscent of an era when automobiles were more than mere modes of transportation. The gleaming chrome, exquisite body designs and the exhilaration of driving a piece of automotive history contribute to their unique charm. However, classic car enthusiasts often face a quandary – how to retain the timeless appeal of their vintage vehicles while enjoying the benefits of modern technology, especially in the realm of audio.…

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Abt Exclusive

Trick or Treat Yourself At The Abt Candy Store

It’s official! After a long countdown, Halloween is finally next week. But if you’re celebrating with us, there’s probably one last thing left to prepare for this spooky season: trick or treating. Whether you’re expecting a flood of children to ring your doorbell all night or planning a costume party to remember, something sweet will always hit the spot. What better place to stock up than the Abt Candy Store? That’s right!…

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Abt Exclusive Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight! Vito Colinelli

A photo of our employee spotlight recipient, Vito Colinelli

Our monthly Employee Spotlight always showcases an amazing team member of the Abt family, but October’s pick is particularly exciting. We’re talking about Vito Colinelli, Abt’s executive trainer. A member of the company’s backbone, Vito has been training our specialists and more for nearly 25 years now. The number of installers, plumbers, and carpenters he has helped to train here at Abt is astronomical. We imagine that Vito Colinelli would be able…

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