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Video Highlight! Dyson Gen5 Detect

A graphic design that reads "Dyson Gen5 Detect" and features photos of the vacuum and it's multiple detachable parts.

When it comes to to-do lists, cleaning the house is often the one task we dread the most. Tidying your living space takes time and can often be tiresome, especially if the mess you’re taking on is large. But thanks to high-quality cleaning products from brands like Dyson, vacuuming does not have to be the hardest step. In the video below, one of Abt’s technologists, Andrew, does an overview of the Dyson Gen5 Detect cordless vacuum cleaner. As we break this video down, learn more about the newest floor care technology and change your cleaning experience for the better!

The Power of The Dyson Gen5 Detect

This stick vacuum has a 0.2-gallon bin and a cleaning path almost 10 inches wide, picking up far more dirt in a single run. The larger battery can now support a 70-minute cleaning session, although your chosen power mode affects this time. The Dyson Gen5 Detect power modes are Auto, Eco and Boost. Auto mode uses an integrated piezo sensor to calculate how much dirt is on your floor, then automatically adjusts the power level to combat it. Ultimately, this technology saves you extra power for your next cleaning. You may think a cordless stick model can’t possibly share the same performance as an upright or canister vacuum. The Dyson Gen5 Detect dispels this doubt with the new Hyperdymium motor. This motor can spin at 135,000 RPM, providing 262 air watts of suction power. In fact, Andrew says, “Dyson has never shied away from the premium end of things and this is the vacuum to look at if you want a beastly stick vac”.

Greater Visuals For A Deeper Clean

While one part of a vacuum’s job is to pick up dirt, it’s also responsible for eliminating germs and bacteria. The built-in washable HEPA filter in this model is able to trap 99.99% of particles as small as 0.1 microns. It even expels clean air as it works. The Dyson Gen5 Detect vacuum has a light at the base for extra visibility, illuminating the dust in front of you. This light is even brighter and broader than previous models, designed at a lower location for more optimal angles. Andrew suggests, “It does help the dust stand out more if you’re vacuuming in brighter light”.

The Dyson Gen5 Detect stick vacuum cleaning the floor, with a green light illuminating the dust particles in front of it.

Smart Design & Versatile Tools For Every Need

This handheld stick vacuum has a screen on the handle that shows filter cleaning alerts, the remaining battery and your selected power mode. When you finish cleaning, stats on the size of the dirt particles and how much you picked up are displayed too. Above the screen is a power button that requires only a single push, rather than an old-school trigger. Andrew thinks this is, “handier for longer cleaning jobs; you don’t have to hold it down”. The Dyson Gen5 Detect comes with a separate hair screw tool and a washable digital motor bar cleaner. The motor bar is perfect for pet owners, as it can tackle hair with the built-in detangler. You can also access a hidden crevice tool inside the main compartment, which is an added benefit as “you can’t lose this, it’s attached”.

Upgrade your floor care with the Dyson Gen5 Detect vacuum to get a full-package cleaning, leaving your carpets and hardwood spotless. If stronger suction and a variety of power modes, tools and attachments interest you, this model is an ideal choice. Learn more about cordless appliances like this with our vacuum buying guide and keep an eye on our YouTube channel for plenty more helpful overviews.

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