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The Best New Smart Appliances Available Now

Man standing in kitchen with coffee using his smart fridge.

Staying on top of the latest home technology trends can be challenging. With new smart appliances hitting the market all the time, it’s hard to know which ones are really worth investing in. As a leading electronics and appliance retailer, Abt carries all of the newest and most innovative smart appliances on the market. If you’re ready to upgrade some of your home appliances and want to create a smart home, you’re in the right place. Here are some of the best new smart appliances available right now at Abt.

Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge

Samsung Smart Refrigerator Featuring Family Hub.

One of the hottest new kitchen appliances is the Samsung Family Hub fridge. With a sleek design and advanced features, this refrigerator takes your kitchen to a whole new level. Use the touchscreen to view your calendar, stream music, look up recipes and even see inside your fridge without opening the door. Need more fridge space? Convert the lower-right freezer compartment from freezer to fridge for additional space! Choose from five settings, giving you customizable storage options to fit what you need. Additionally, the Family Hub integrates seamlessly with your smartphone, allowing you to control its functions on the go.

LG Smart WiFi Enabled All-In-One Washer/Dryer

LG washer/dryer combo sitting in laundry room.

Doing laundry becomes a breeze with the LG Smart Front Load Washer/Dryer. Simply load your clothes, choose your preferred cycle and come back when your clothes are done. This washer/dryer combo is equipped with six different wash motions for a smart cleaning experience. With the ThinQ app, you can start or pause the laundry, track the cycle progress and receive notifications when the cycle is complete. Forgot to add a garment? Not a problem, as you can pause and add clothes even after the washing has begun. The LG Smart Front Load Washer/Dryer saves time, energy and water, making it an eco-friendly choice for every modern home.

GE Profile Smart Dual Fuel Slide-In Range

Kitchen with GE Profile smart range.

For the kitchen, the GE Profile Smart Dual Fuel Slide-In Range now comes enabled with WiFi and voice control capabilities. With its innovative “No Preheat Air Fry” feature, you can enjoy crispy and delicious results without the wait. Simply place your favorite foods in the oven, and the Air Fry mode will take care of the rest. The convenience doesn’t end there – this range comes with built-in WiFi, powered by the SmartHQ App, enabling you to control and monitor your cooking from anywhere using your smartphone. The expansive control panel allows you to choose from various cooking modes, while the backlit touch controls disappear when not in use and reappear with a simple touch. Stay connected with the GE Profile Connect + feature, allowing seamless integration with other smart home devices for a truly interconnected kitchen.

Connected smart appliances are the future of home technology. As smart home technology continues to advance, Abt remains dedicated to offering the best and latest smart appliances. With convenient controls like voice commands, smartphone control and auto-settings, new smart appliances make everyday cooking and cleaning tasks easier. Visit Abt to upgrade your home with some of the best new smart appliances available now.

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