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The Great Abt Grill Out Returns!

One of last summer’s most popular events is returning to Abt next month. Join us on June 9th for the second annual Great Abt Grill Out—the ultimate way to learn about the hottest products in outdoor cooking. Last summer, we wanted a way to take our our typical weekly grill demos and turn them up to eleven. The result was the Great Abt Grill Out, an event that would gather nearly a dozen grill brands and assemble them in the Abt parking lot for an afternoon of demonstrations and delicious samples.

This year, all of our favorite grill brands will be returning, plus we’ll have a new friend in attendance: Second City Prime (you might know them from an event earlier this year). For those who are unfamiliar, Second City Prime is a Chicago-based purveyor of fine cuts of meat and poultry. They offer local and nationwide delivery, making it easy for people to enjoy chef-selected meats in the comfort of their own kitchen. Expect to see a nice selection of meat sizzling on grills throughout the event. If meat is not your thing, but you’re all about the carbs, stop by the Alfa Pizza Oven tent to learn about making authentic Neopolitan-style ‘za in your own back yard.

If a new grill is on your radar, the Great Abt Grill out is a great way to see many of them in action before you buy. It’s also the perfect spot to find a Father’s Day gift. Hope to see you there!

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