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Sony Z9F vs A9F: Master Series TVs Compared

Earlier this month, we gave you a quick glimpse at the new Sony Master Series TVs, the Z9F LED and the A9F OLED. These TVs, announced this summer, take the X1 Ultimate processor that Sony had previously shown off at the Consumer Electronics Show, and pair it with a wealth of other high-end tech to create some of the finest televisions currently available. We’ve now had enough time with these TVs to…

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New OLED TVs: 2018 Sony A8F and LG C8

new OLED tvs comparison - Sony A8F and LG C8

We take a closer look at two of the year’s most-anticipated new OLED TVs The parade of updated TVs continues, and today we turn our attention to the year’s new OLED TVs: the Sony A8F and the LG C8. Up until a few years ago, OLED displays were limited to very small sizes, or were prohibitively expensive. Their limitations made OLED TVs the stuff of science fiction or the most extravagant home…

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CES 2018 Home Theater

CES 2018: Sony X1 Ultimate Processor and 8K TV

Wandering through the exhibition space at CES is an exercise in trying to determine what is real and what is fantasy (in addition to just being exercise, period). Everywhere you look, someone is showing off a new technology that just seems too good to be true, that there’s no behind-the-scenes trickery making possible such great sound or such a stunning picture. Of course, if we’ve learned anything in our years in this…

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OLED TVs Compared

Since the beginning of the flat-screen TV era, manufacturers have been slowly marching towards creating the “perfect” TV. Plasma TVs produced a phenomenal picture, but their glass screens were susceptible to bad glare and the technology was an energy hog, plus the TVs were still quite heavy. LCD TVs—and then LED TVs—were much more energy-efficient and could be made significantly lighter and thinner than plasma displays, but they never quite measured up in picture…

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Abt Exclusive CES 2017 Home Theater Videos

Best of CES 2017: Top 5 Best TV Developments

CES 2017 wasn’t much for shocking new technology debuts or any real game-changers. Instead, we saw plenty of refinements and advancements to the wowing tech that debuted maybe last year or the year before. That trend was especially evident with televisions and associated home theater stuff. Here are our top 5 TV developments from this year’s CES. 1.) More OLED For nearly three years now, LG has had run of the court as…

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CES 2013 Television Recap

TVs were bigger, brighter and more detailed than ever before at CES 2013 If it’s electronic, and there’s even a small possibility someone would be interested in buying it, chances are that it was at CES 2013. From intelligent refrigerators to furry cat ears that read your brainwaves, you could find it all under one large roof in Las Vegas. But for all the crazy conceptual gadgets, the real stars of CES…

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