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What’s New & Now: Samsung S95C OLED TV

Samsung S95C

Say hello to Samsung’s 2023 OLED television, the Samsung S95C. Following in the footsteps of last year’s S95B, this 77″ model is a sight to behold, and a step into unknown grounds for the entertainment giants. It first premiered at CES 2023 where it made a huge splash and seemed to upset the natural order of all things on-screen.  The best part? It fuses the best of both QLED and OLED screens for…

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CES CES 2023

CES 2023: LG’s (Nearly) Wireless Signature OLED M

LG OLED M Signature Wireless TV in a room with its wireless receiver

We’re back at CES 2023 to show off some of the greatest technology that’s been showcased during the convention. One of the highlights of the show so far has been different brands’ unique takes on existing technology, like wireless TVs (there are a few of them here)! LG displayed an OLED TV that falls into the “wireless” category, a magnificent new 97″ model. There’s no tangle of HDMI cords or optical wires…

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Abt Exclusive Videos

Sony A95K Unboxing: Diving Into What May Be Sony’s Best TV Yet

Abt Unboxes Sony A95K

The Sony A95K QD-OLED: one of the most brilliantly designed televisions yet. Our Video Team got their hands on this Sony Master Series television for a review and was stunned. We’ve compared screens on video before, exploring features and showcasing what’s new, but the Sony A95K is groundbreaking. From the QD-OLED screen to the backlit remote and remote finder feature, this superb screen leaves other models in the dust. Watch the video…

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YouTube Review: LG C2 Series 4K OLED TV

LG C2 Youtube Review

In this video from our YouTube team, Carl dives into what makes the new LG C2 series a complete upgrade. Like we’ve said in previous posts, this is the time of year when new TV models replace last year’s version, and that means high-tech updates. Carl takes us through all of them, from the LG C2’s lightweight body style to its completely original smart operating system. While visuals astound, a hardware hiccup…

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Sony A80J vs A90J: 2021 OLED TVs Compared

When OLED TVs first hit the market, product selection was limited to just one model from one brand. Today, we have multiple models available from two of the three top brands in the business. With that increase in product selection comes an added difficulty in shopping for a new TV. If you’re planning on buying an OLED TV this year, we’re here to help you decide which is the best for your…

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New LG OLED TVs Announced at CES 2021

lg oled tvs 2021

With their usually stunning booth design, wild concept products, and actual product announcements, we’ve come to expect quite a show from LG at CES each year. And while we are missing the in-person experience in 2021, we’re still excited by the new LG OLED TVs announced this year. LG “OLED Evo” Technology LG First up, a promising refinement to the highly-regarded lineup of LG OLED TVs. LG has undoubtedly been the industry…

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CES CES 2020 Home Theater TVs & Electronics


As the world’s leading OLED panel manufacturer, LG’s CES booth is always a testament to the capabilities of the groundbreaking display technology. We always know we’re going to see something amazing there. This year, the trend continued, with dozens of OLED models in just about every configuration imaginable. Some are ready to hit store shelves this season, and others are still in the conceptual phase, but they are all breathtaking. Here’s a…

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Home Theater Learning Center TVs & Electronics

Game On: The Best TV for PC Gaming

Game On: The Best TV for PC Gaming Serious gamers already know that the era of breezing through levels on a basic 19-inch monitor are long gone. These days, if you want a next-level home gaming setup, you’ve got to add a cutting-edge flat-panel TV to the rig. The goal is to create an immersive, entertaining experience that highlights every impressive graphic, sound and feature of the game. This guide will help…

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CES 2019

CES 2019: LG’s Transparent OLED TV

lg transparent oled tv

Viewing a high-end OLED TV can be like looking through a window to the world, with color and contrast that make a picture look like real life. But what if that TV could also be a literal window to the world? That’s an idea to explore with the LG transparent OLED TV. Transparent LED displays are not new to CES, but they’re usually billed as a conceptual product or meant for commercial/retail…

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CES 2019 Home Theater TVs & Electronics

CES 2019: LG 8K TVs

LG’s sprawling CES booth was a visual feast, outfitted with dozens of dazzling digital displays. Among the multitude of screens we found confirmation that 8K resolution has officially arrived, as we got up-close with two different market-ready LG 8K TVs. The LG OLED Z9 8K TV is, as its name implies, an OLED TV sporting the new resolution. Built as if answering a challenge to create the best TV possible with today’s…

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