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Pumpkin Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce by BlueStar!

Sugar Pumpkin for Pumpkin Bread Pudding

Temperatures are dropping and October is here! The pumpkins are coming out, too. That’s why Chef Susan Swanson from BlueStar decided that this week’s recipe would be a pumpkin bread pudding. She even spices it up with a warm bourbon sauce cooked up, all made using their Platinum Series range. Find the recipe below, and check out the video at the end of the post for in-depth instruction.  Hoping to try some…

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Abt-solutely Delicious: Caterina’s Rigatoni Alla Vodka

Cat's Pasta Vodka Sauce

October 25th is World Pasta Day (yum)! To celebrate, the team at Abt isn’t just enjoying pasta, we’re creating it. Caterina Cosentino, our resident Instagram home chef extraordinaire, is sharing her go-to rigatoni alla vodka sauce. Perfect for lazy evenings, family meals and classed-up date nights, this creamy recipe is a perfect secret weapon. Read on to learn more from Caterina. Follow her on Instagram too: @_atoasttobutterdays. Watch the video below, and…

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Abt-Solutely Delicious: Halloween Spooky Shakes

Even as adults, Halloween has a special place in all our hearts. From memories of dressing up as a kid and going trick-or-treating, trying to stop at every house in the neighborhood, to doing it with our own kids. The spirit of Halloween is nostalgic and fun for all ages. Halloween candy and treats are some of our favorites, and turning them into delicious milkshakes is probably one of the best ideas…

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Abt-solutely Delicious: Friendsgiving Edition

Sharing a delicious Thanksgiving meal with friends outside of your traditional family Thanksgiving is a growing trend. Let’s be honest, no matter if it’s your third time attending a “Friendsgiving” or your first time hosting one, you’re probably on the lookout for some delicious Friendsgiving dishes to win your friends over with this year! Well, you’ve come to the right place because we’ve compiled a list of extremely quick and easy Friendsgiving recipes to…

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