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Camera Trade-In & Drone Demonstration Event

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

camera drone event

Have an old camera collecting dust in your closet? Bring it into Abt this weekend and trade it in for cash or Abt Gift Cards! The National Camera Exchange, a premier buyer and seller of new and used photo equipment, will be in our store to find out the value of your used equipment. Products from all major brands will be accepted, and both film and digital equipment will also be accepted. While not all equipment will be eligible for a cash reward, we don’t want anyone to leave empty-handed so $10 Abt Gift Cards will be given to those whose equipment does not qualify.

Camera Trade-In

 Saturday, April 16th and Sunday, April 17th

from 11am-6pm at Abt Electronics

1200 N. Milwaukee Avenue | Glenview, IL | 60025


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CES 2013 Camera Recap

Monday, January 14th, 2013

CES 2013: The photo industry responds to a rapidly-changing world of image consumption and sharing

Wi-Fi Enabled cameras

CES 2013—With so much of the population packing smartphones capable of producing acceptable-quality photos, camera makers have had to innovate in recent years to keep their products viable. The main allure of a camera phone, besides eliminating the need to bring a dedicated camera everywhere you go, is the ability to share your photos instantly. Users are willing to sacrifice image quality in exchange for the portability and quick access to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Camera makers have begun combating this by building Wi-Fi capability into their cameras, letting users connect them to a smartphone or hotspot, giving access to their preferred method of sharing. The hope is that social shutterbugs will appreciate the picture quality enough to want to use a dedicated camera instead of the one built into their phone.

Canon showed off three point & shoot models with integrated Wi-Fi, including the Canon Powershot N, which we already spotlighted. Samsung announced a half-dozen Wi-Fi models, which will complement their Android-powered Galaxy Camera. Sony and Panasonic each displayed at least one connected camera, while Nikon touted the ability of its new D5200 to connect to your smartphone via a tiny plug-in adapter. All of these models, in addition to the recently-released Canon 6D DSLR and Panasonic GH3 mirrorless camera, signal that we have entered the age of the connected camera.

Extreme Sport-Oriented Features

Several manufacturers used CES 2013 to focus on rugged models that push the durability of the pocket camera further than ever before, while still offering features to differentiate from similar offerings. Olympus released a trio of Stylus Tough cameras that are all freezeproof, shockproof, crushproof and waterproof. The flagship Stylus Tough TG-2 can be submerged down to 50 feet below the water’s surface and features a bright f2.0 lens to capture maximum light at that depth.

Fujifilm’s XP60 offers much of the same durability, plus a high-speed mode that can shoot up to 60 fps, making it a perfect choice for extreme-sports athletes. Panasonic, meanwhile, displayed its own improved tough-cam with a trick of its own: the DMC-TS5 has built-in Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity, making sharing super easy when you’re in adverse conditions where you might not want to open your camera up. Interestingly, every one of these rugged cameras also shoots full HD 1080P video (some at a high frame rate), likely in response to the growing popularity of sports-oriented video cameras like the GoPro Hero. Panasonic also looks to be capturing some of that market with the HX-A100 wearable camera, which lets users hang the camera from their ear or easily attach it to a helmet.


Panasonic wearable camera.


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Don’t Forget The Small Stuff

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

While Abt is normally the place that first comes to mind for large item purchases, such as appliances and televisions, don’t forget that we carry smaller, everyday essentials as well.

If you are going on vacation this summer, you may need an extra memory card or battery for your camera so you can capture all of the memories. We also carry cases for cameras & camcorders to protect and store those items on your trip.

For cell phones, we carry cases, car chargers, and Bluetooth headsets to make your day go smoother.

To protect your new laptop or netbook, we carry cases, mouses (mice!), and even blank cds/dvds for extra storage or to create a photo album of your latest adventure.

Do you need HDMI cables or a screen cleaner for that new big screen? We’ve got plenty of those as well.

And finally with appliances, we stock all the major manufacturers’ water filters for your refrigerator as well as specialty cleaners and surge protectors to protect those new appliances and televisions.

Remember that no matter if your need is large or small, Abt has it all.

Walter O.

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Recycle Old Goods For Gift Cards

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Even though Earth Week is coming to an end, Abt is eco-friendly every day. One of the lesser-known programs Abt participates in is super eco-friendly and has more to offer than just helping the environment. Abt is a proud participant in the CE Exchange. It’s a program for those with unwanted electronics who don’t just want to recycle or throw them away. It’s fast and easy to participate, just visit and begin the quick three step process.

The CE Exchange will appraise your electronics, send you a pre-paid mailing label, and when the item is received, they send you a gift card for use at Abt, in the amount that was appraised.

Currently, the CE exchange is accepting mp3 players, mobile phones, gaming systems, cameras, camcorders, computers, and GPS systems.

The process is simple, choose the category of the item that you would like to recycle, then locate the model and click on it. For instance if you are hoping to trade in your iPhone, go to the phones category, pick Apple (manufacturer), then locate the model number of the phone (2G-3GS), just click on the model and see what it’s worth. After you complete the process and send in the item it will be processed, and a gift card will be mailed. Local customers can complete the process in the showroom and qualify for an immediate gift card.

For more information on CE Exchange, speak with an Abt customer service specialist today.

-Kelly B.

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Charge It All with Idapt

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Idapt has a cool line of products, available at Abt. If you are anything like me, you have multiple handheld devices in your home that all need charging, and you have a limited number of free outlets to plug everything into.

Idapt chargers are a great solution for anyone who has multiple devices to charge. The Idapt accessories charger will give you the freedom to charge up to three handheld devices or accessories at the same time. It can charge mobile phones, smartphones, headsets or Bluetooth headphones, GPS units, cameras, game consoles, and batteries. It has interchangeable tips so you can configure the charger for the devices that you want to charge.

Rob, an Apple sales specialist at Abt, thinks this is a great charging station for a nightstand. Your phone is close by and both you and a significant other can charge phones at the same time.

Look for Idapt in the Apple store at Abt.

-Kelly B.

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