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Picking the Perfect TV Wall Mount

Picking up a new TV for the Big Game? One of the major considerations you’ll have to make after buying a new flat panel TV is whether you want to place it on a TV stand or hang it on your wall. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, so there’s never one right answer. If you choose to wall mount, you’ll have one more decision to make: what type of wall mount to use. There are a few different types, so we’re here to help you decide what TV mount is the best for your needs.

The three main types of TV mount are: fixed, tilting, and fully-articulated.

A fixed TV mount keeps your TV snug against the wall and does not allow any fine position adjustment.

A fixed TV mount is the simplest type of TV mount, which makes it the most inexpensive. This type of mount holds your TV flush to the wall, and offers no adjustment. Fixed mounts are a fine choice if you’re able to hang your TV at eye level, know the audience will always be sitting in the same spot, and if you have total control over lighting in the room so you can avoid glares. 

A tilting mount lets you angle your TV downward.

Tilting TV mounts do just as their name implies: they tilt upward and downward. These are a good choice for someone who has to mount their TV a little higher than eye level, like over a fireplace, because the downward tilt puts the TV at a more comfortable viewing angle. Tilting can also remedy glare from an opposing window or ceiling lights. Tilting mounts are generally more expensive than a fixed mount.

A fully-articulated mount gives you the greatest amount of position flexibility.

Improving upon the tilting TV mount is the fully-articulated TV mount. These are also referred to as full-motion mounts or tilt-swivel mounts. As you can probably guess, they allow movement along two and sometimes three axes, so you can tilt your TV upward or downward, swivel it left or right, or even move it directly away from the wall. Fully-articulated TV mounts will be the most expensive, but provide a great degree of flexibility in TV placement. This makes them the best choice for large rooms, where you might be watching from a number of different locations.

Ready to pick out a mount for your new TV? Check out this helpful infographic from Sanus, one of the leading manufacturers of TV mounts. It will help you decide exactly which model is best for you, based on the size of your TV and what type of movements you want.

Got your new mount and want to tackle the installation yourself? Check out our video on how to wall-mount your TV, which will walk you through the steps of hanging your new TV. And of course, if you’d prefer to let the professionals handle the installation, our custom audio pros are up to the task, so give them a call at 847-544-2307.

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