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Happy Veterans Day from Abt!

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Happy Veterans Day, from Abt to you. Every day, our company honors all who have made the brave choice to fight for our country. We thank those currently enlisted and those who have returned home safely, and we remember the fallen soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom in America. In fact, did you know that the son of Abt founders and former CEO, Bob Abt, was a veteran? He served in the United States Army from 1960 to 1966.

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Today, we wish to give voice to the veterans like him whom we work alongside every day. Here, we’ll share their stories, as well as the messages and thoughts they wish to communicate to civilians like you. We’ll also give you more insight on our veteran discount, so keep on reading to get money off your next purchase.

Abt Spotlights Our Veteran Employees

Gary Quinton, Abt Dropship Manager

Gary (left) was a member of the United States Air Force from 1988 to 1994. He served two tours in the Middle East and is also a Desert Storm veteran. Upon returning home, he remembered feeling safe again, but his biggest takeaway was the newfound appreciation he had for the freedom experienced in our country. When asked what he wants civilians to truly know and understand, he said, “Veterans voluntarily and willingly would give up our lives to protect our freedom.”

Joshua Goddard, Abt Repair Technician

Joshua (right) was a member of the United States Navy from 2017 to 2021. He was stationed in Point Mugu, CA and in San Diego, CA. While he never experienced deployment, he did his service to our country through Shore Command and Hazard Relief when the COVID pandemic first began. When asked about the lessons learned while in the Navy, he said, “Everyone has their struggles that they don’t show…Every veteran has had a different experience. Don’t be afraid to ask us questions.”

Jaxon Alvarez, Abt Installer

Jaxon (left) was a member of the United States Marine Corps from 2013-2017. He served with the 1st Battalion 1st Marine Division stationed out of Camp Pendleton, CA. From there, he deployed all over the Pacific Rim and then, served in all of Australia on a second deployment. Afterward, he said, “Coming home was a bit of a challenge. It took me about a year and some change to really feel comfortable being home. But I had excellent support from my family and friends that helped me adjust.”

While it’s been 6 years since his time in the Corps, he still holds dearly the “simple acts of loyalty and integrity to my friends, family, and colleagues. Along with commitment to getting done whatever task may come my way, whether that be at home or on the job.” When asked what he wanted civilians to know, he shared this: “Veterans are all human. We make mistakes and are flawed just like the rest of the world. People can paint us as heroes because of our training and experience, but we’re just like everyone else.”

Cullen Koller, Abt Custom A/V Administrative Support

Cullen Koller (right) was a member of the United States Marine Corps from 2019 to 2023, a branch he chose because of “the tradition and values that come with it.” He told us, “Coming home from deployment was a roller coaster of emotion. Overwhelming excitement was typically the emotion that would take over. Being able to see your family and friends after months of stress is an indescribable feeling.” While he has plenty of stories from his time serving, his biggest takeaway was this: “Take life one step at a time, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.”

Veterans Day: More Than Those Who Come Home

These are just a few of the many veteran employees who work here at Abt. To all service members who have been a part of our company, past and present, we thank you for your service. But Veterans Day is not just a time to honor the people who have fought for our country. It’s far bigger than that. One of the unnamed Abt employees & veterans we spoke with said it best:

“I far prefer to shine the spotlight on our unsung heroes. Chief among these are the wives and daughters and sons, those left behind, in the devastation of every war and conflict since time immemorial…our brothers and sisters in arms who gave their all, some never to return, and our families who gave us the stability, strength and love to do what had to be done. Our loved ones are our lifelines. We don’t serve political administrations who come and go. Our true loyalties are to our own hearts, conscience, convictions, loved ones and all the brothers and sisters we serve alongside.”

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Abt’s Veteran Discount & How To Get It

If you’ve got your eye on a new appliance from Abt, why not see if it’s eligible for our veteran discount? If you’re a service member, you’re probably familiar with ID.me, a website that verifies legal identities and gives users access to special benefits. When you sign up for ID.me, you’ll get to see all the stores and online marketplaces currently offering a veteran discount, including Abt. Just sign in, search for Abt and navigate to our site from there. Once you add a product to your cart, click the box labeled “Military, Student, and Teacher Discount” and then click the ID.me verification button. Our site will verify that you hold a veteran status and offer you a one-time coupon code. Using our veteran discount, you can get $50 off a purchase of $500 or more. If you’re shopping at our store in person, be sure to mention your veteran status to the sales associate helping you as well to enjoy all your benefits. Note: our veteran discount does not apply to certain brands and product categories, so be sure to click the blue “exclusions apply” link to see our full list.

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