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Employee Spotlight! Gary Quinton

Gary and the logistics team in front of a banner that says "Thank You Gary". The banner is signed by different members of the Logistics team. Gary holds an award.

If you’ve ever had something from Abt shipped to your door from across the country, that product arriving perfectly was likely the result of Gary Quinton and his Logistics team. They’re a fine-tuned machine, helping Abt shoppers across the country to get the products they order on time, whether they live in Los Angeles, Miami or Denver. And a large part of it is thanks to this month’s Employee Spotlight, Gary Quinton. Gary has helped the team to expand and grow exponentially in the two short years he’s been here. At every bump in the road, they’ve overcome it with success.

Gary and the logistics team in front of two signs, one that says "Abt Nation" and another that says "Abt home delivery"

An Award-Winning Experience

Don’t believe us? Ask his employees. They’re incredibly proud of their manager. “On my first anniversary, the Logistics team gave me a surprise gathering, recognizing me for being their logistics manager. I’ve never been recognized like that before and it meant the world to me.” With a banner signed by his teammates and a trophy to remind him of his success, Gary was touched. 

Looking back at his career at Abt, Gary’s even happier to be in his position now. “I get to do what I naturally love to do. Execute logistics operations, provide service to customers and leadership to employees.” He first heard about Abt by seeing our iconic trucks driving around town, beginning back when he first moved to Chicago from Boston in 2006. Now that it’s the busiest part of the year for Logistics (and the entire store and website) Gary and his team are kicking into high gear. 

We asked November’s Employee Spotlight what his department is doing to prep for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the holidays. Gary’s response was short, sweet and driven. “Communicate expectations, schedule to 100% capacity with the employees, and advise everyone to get holiday shopping done now!” But Thanksgiving is soon, too, and it’s a great time for gratitude. That’s why we asked him what his favorite Thanksgiving tradition was. Gary answered that they have a contest over who makes the best dessert. Not surprisingly, it’s his favorite dish of the evening, too. This year, he’s thankful for good health.  

Gary smiling and holding up a crystal award shaped like a globe on a pedestal.

Always Moving Forward

Gary Quinton and the other members of Abt’s Logistics team are hard workers, and Gary’s excited to showcase what they’re working on in the new year. On the list? “Faster delivery, an expansion of national installation services, and continuous development of our employees!” 

This year and every year, we’re thankful for employees like Gary and those on his team. You work to make Abt better and better every year, and that’s beyond award-worthy! 

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