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CES 2023: Samsung’s Ready Care Smart Car Platform

People checking out Samsung's Ready Car Smart Car concept.

We’re back from CES 2023 and there continue to be more new and exciting launches revealed! Samsung has unveiled its Ready Care system, which aims to improve the In-Cabin eXperience (ICX) for users by providing a range of features that enhance safety and comfort. It includes in-vehicle cameras and sensors that monitor the driver’s cognition and focus, alerting the driver if any changes are detected in their condition. Additionally, Ready Care allows you to set up and change your home’s environment from your vehicle, enabling you to create the ideal in-home environment before you arrive home.

Man checking out Samsung's Ready Care Smart Car platform.

Samsung’s Ready Care technology is able to sense various factors that may cause stress for the driver, such as poor weather conditions. Its features also include a new machine learning algorithm, which uses sensors to detect a driver’s drowsiness. When it detects something is off with the driver, a notification is sent to alert the driver. Drivers can customize these notifications to receive subtle reminders to help avoid additional distractions while on the road. Ready Care can also integrate with Samsung wearable products, such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch, to detect the driver’s heart rate. With this new technology from Samsung, we’re on our way to a more integrated home and car experience. Check back as we’re excited to see what else Samsung and others will announce at CES 2023! 

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