A Visit from Austria

Herbert Haas, Jr, Melita Kreisel, Walter Kreisel & Jon Abt

Abt’s retail and customer service experience is known across the globe. Thanks to a visit by an Austrian business owner made over 15 years ago, a company, much like our own, holds a contest every year in search of the most innovative retailers in Austria.

Spearheaded by the original owner of Haas Electronics in Austria, Herbert Haas and his son, Herbert Haas Jr. accept applications of innovative companies every year.  After evaluating them closely, they choose 10 lucky companies to work with to add onto their already unique retailing experience.  During an intensive 4-6 month process the companies learn tricks of the trade on how to improve customer-worker relations, while improving on their uniqueness.  The grand prize is a trip to Chicago, IL USA to meet with Jon Abt and tour Abt Electronics.

We thank our friends from Austria for the visit and recognition on their search for innovative retailers.

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