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9 Game Room Ideas for Every Budget

If you love to entertain, have kids or are a kid at heart, you know that the game room is the most underrated space in the house. It’s the place where everyone comes together to have fun and de-stress, hence why it often serves as the heart of the household. If you thought that creating a game room from scratch would be too expensive, think again. Explore these amazing game room ideas on a budget to get your home entertainment wheels spinning.

Loft style game room
  1. Add a Next-Level Gaming Corner—A contemporary game room needs to be equipped with a vibrant gaming center, complete with a high-def TV and some ergonomic gaming chairs. We love the idea of making it a little bit retro and including old-school consoles—hello, Super Nintendo and Atari! You’re going to be really glad your mom saved those for you.
  2. Make the Pool Table the Centerpiece—Not big on the contemporary gaming vibe? Creating a sophisticated billiard room is also an option, especially if your home is more traditional or caters to pool sharks. If you’re going all-out, place a traditional pool table at the center of the room. With this design, you’ll definitely need a home pub and some neon lights, too!
  3. Include a Table for Board Games—It doesn’t matter if your idea of a fun game night involves Monopoly or Dungeons & Dragons, the one thing you need is a gaming table. A square or circular table is your best bet if you tend to have rousing game night parties, as it allows everyone to talk to each other easily (and provides a great space for snacks at the center).
  4. Pick a Theme and Run with It—Picking a theme at the beginning of the design process is important because it helps you pick furniture, wall art and accessories that work together. Some of our favorite game room themes include retro, superhero, old-school arcade and classic pub games.
  5. Make it Double as a Theater Room—Game room plus home theater equals everybody’s favorite space! The heartbeat of your theater room should be a wall-mounted OLED TV because it gives you the feeling of being in a real-deal movie theater. For the ultimate theater experience, we suggest purchasing an LG OLED TV. In addition to an OLED TV, purchase a soundbar to take your home theater audio to a professional level. Both Samsung and SONOS have great soundbar options that will complete your entertainment center. But no matter what you choose, don’t forget the theater chairs!
  6. Home theater room
  7. Don’t Forget the Pub Games—Take a super basic, barren basement and add a dartboard. Boom! You’ve got yourself a full-blown game room where everyone will want to gather. Budget-friendly game rooms can also benefit from a DIY hook and ring toss game, such as Ringing the Bull. Spoil your guests with a well-stocked beverage center full of beer.
  8. Create a Bar Along the Wall—You’d be surprised to find how affordable home bars can be if you’re a little bit creative, and you won’t regret it once you see how long your guests linger! One of the best ways to take things to the next level is to install a home kegerator for some fresh-from-the-tap brew to sip in between your turn at pool or air hockey.
  9. Add an Old-School Arcade Machine—If you’re of a certain generation, you’ll be giddy to include an old-school pinball machine in your game room design. If you’re not huge on pinball, you could also invest in a home skee ball machine. This is a surefire way to ensure that everyone who passes through your house has a ton of fun.
  10. Hang Some Funky Lights—Going for a classic pub environment? Don’t forget to hang a colored glass light fixture over the pool table or bar. If you’d like to create more of a futuristic or modern space ideal for console and computer gaming, line the walls with some brightly colored LED lights. Some carefully chosen fixtures will give the space a party-like feel!
Game room with pool table

Infuse Your Personality into Your Game Room

Chances are, if you’re considering creating a game room in your home, you’re already the life of the party. But the key to driving it home is infusing your entertaining space with little pops of fun and personality. Whether you do that through unique wall hangings or colorful arcade games is totally up to you. One thing’s for sure, though—your place will quickly become a hot hangout.

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