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Video Highlight! Sony A80L

A Sony A80L TV sitting on a TV stand in the living room of a city apartment in front of a leather couch.

Here at Abt, we know your living room is one of the best places to host and entertain your friends and family all year round. Whether you’re binge-watching a new show or having a movie night with a significant other, the best way to create an enjoyable viewing experience is by investing in a high-quality screen. In the video below, one of Abt’s top technologists, Carl, does an overview of the Sony A80L OLED TV. Start building a watchlist and keep reading to learn why this television is the perfect pick for your living room home theater. 

The Sony A80L Design & Inputs

The Sony A80L features a minimalistic bezel surrounding the screen. You can use the pedestal in three different ways: a standard and a narrow position (both of which are low profile) and a position that allows a soundbar to fit beneath the device. This Sony TV comes in different sizes for a variety of viewing experiences as well, whether it’s 55 inches, 65 inches, 77 inches or an impressive 83 inches. The Sony A80L also offers plenty of inputs to accommodate all types of connections. Take advantage of the two USB inputs, the optical audio input, the antenna connection and four HDMI ports, two of which support 4K resolution. Seeking out simpler wireless connections? The Sony A80L is also WiFi and Bluetooth compatible for devices like smartphones, laptops and more. All of this can be controlled by a small remote, featuring multiple shortcut buttons to all your favorite streaming services.

Stunning Display & Powerful Audio

The new Sony A80L model has improved upon the Cognitive Processor XR to provide brighter pictures and terrific black levels. According to Carl, “It looks fantastic in a well-lit or dark room and color quality remains excellent”. The OLED screen also offers amazing viewing angles, so mount your TV on any wall in the room, as “this is a great option if you got a large room where people are gonna potentially be sitting off to the side watching TV”. If you wish to adjust and customize your display even further, you can use the picture settings menu or choose from built-in presets including IMAX Enhanced, Dolby Vision, Bright & Dark and Netflix Mode. You can even save more energy and power by activating the Eco Menu, although Carl advises, “If you’re looking for the best picture quality, we recommend turning that feature off altogether”.

The Sony A80L features Acoustic Surface Audio+ to produce enhanced sound directly from your display. The technology uses three actuators and two subwoofers with pronounced bass to do this. Each of these parts is driven by 10 watts of power as well. You’ll never miss a line of dialogue thanks to the exceptional audio clarity. Carl adds, “The audio really does seem to come from the action on the screen, so it is more immersive than your typical TV speakers”.

A Sony A80L TV sitting on a grey stone mantel. Onscreen is an image of blue geode crystals.

Upgraded Tech & Greater Gameplay

The Sony A80L’s operating system is provided by Google TV, which features a user-friendly easy-to-navigate layout. At the top of the home page, you’ll find the latest top picks. Beneath, you’ll find a selection of entertainment apps to choose from. The bottom of the page houses additional curated content from a variety of streaming services. Carl says the shows, movies and other content located there are “broken down by genre to make it easy to find something to watch without having to open all those different apps”. The Sony A80L is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple Home, AirPlay 2, Chromecast and Google Home. Our technologist suggests, “No matter what kind of smart home setup you have, this [TV] will likely integrate very nicely”.

Two of the HDMI ports on this Sony device support 4K at 120 Hz and variable refresh rates, which smooth all action and onscreen movement when playing video games on your TV. The Auto HDR Tone Mapping feature works specifically with the PlayStation 5 console to improve the highlights and bring out hidden details so you can see everything as you play. This newer Sony model now also has a gaming menu, which allows you to adjust the display for gaming purposes only. 

Bring your home entertainment to the next level with the Sony A80L’s beautiful display, dynamic sound and smart technology. If you’re interested in bringing your favorite action flicks to life or advancing your gameplay for a first-place victory, this Sony screen is the one for you! We have plenty more product overview videos to explore, so check out our YouTube channel for more helpful content.

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